Relaxing and psychedelic music for a 5h trip. There are three "waves" and "valleys": 1st valley: 1 - 15. 1st wave: 16 - 21. 2nd valley: 22 - 29. 2nd wave: 30 - 40. 3rd valley: 41 - 52. 3rd wave:...

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A new list

A new list of psychedelic, groovy or relaxing music which may go along with a trip. It starts with some psychedelic rock classics from 60s and then continues with some more recent stuff, ranging...

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liquefy your mind

it's hard to define this playlist. I've been trying to expand it for a long time, but it's rather hard ... perhaps you find something which fits to the other songs. they should somehow gently open...

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day after day

one song for one day

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