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  • coupon_

    well poo lol - so it passed, well park too that great Bridget, 2 parks, one to go - your abstractism throws them off and that smile helps, okay brains too xxx ttys girlie hippy gangster xxx

    19 aug 04:21 Svara
  • ben_efit_01

    confunktion - new- fun weekend, back warm. I think I am going to over lease, y dad says - pry the 100 a month out of your pocket lol xxx

    18 aug 05:37 Svara
  • ben_efit_01

    your sister sent them (just sundays) she said feathers wants card and load the deer pictures she took. thanks I think I'll switch to your service, can you still set up free account? tiff's new house look real nice - xxx

    15 aug 01:05 Svara
  • lillykapa

    Allo! Both are awesome : I maybe like Chinawoman's voice a little bit more than Anna Calvi's but songs , especially "Suzanne and I " are wonderful.. I'd love to see this live on KEXP, too! Imagine, I just realized that Chinawoman had a live in my town last year.. :-( But, still Grimes is what I want to see most of all..!!

    12 aug 18:21 Svara
  • ben_efit_01

    cool you got back in time to "dig" - yea feathers said you grabed todd and moved more stuff, I bet he made you stop and look at 1970 charger - too long, yeah I know what you are saying - got a nice e-card 10 early, so he not bad x ;) hey but look at this right here - remember we when used to pop on this yeahhh xxxoxx - i catch in the am xx kill billz

    7 aug 05:09 Svara
  • coupon_

    even if it rains, shit plenty of cover there you know - concert in the forest, you going to sit still for Soundgarden or wonder lol xxx

    6 aug 15:59 Svara
  • coupon_ panckes? bray is huge hippers/ biker hippie to you xxx

    3 aug 17:25 Svara
  • ben_efit_01

    you get a litlie scare last evening - we know your weakness lol HEY it wonderful out wtf? perezoso chica - pancakes? me tummy hurts lol xx

    3 aug 15:45 Svara
  • coupon_ - kills girliey ak-47 hippie "x" you are the shit x<3

    3 aug 15:17 Svara
  • lillykapa

    ..and this song (Friday night) is so wonderful in its sadness..!

    30 jul 19:09 Svara
  • lillykapa

    ..It was about time for a "real-time" HI !!! to you, girl!! :-p ;-)

    28 jul 20:45 Svara
  • coupon_

    bri what did you do to dan? you, you - inside ac, wait I am lol fuck girl, and flowers, too, really sad -----s bad about that whale, its always those stupid fucking sight seeing ones too, mo'money - outlaw time, speaking offffffffff - wed off still? if so hike? xxxxx (south oly?) ox<3

    27 jul 23:43 Svara
  • chieftec1

    girl power ;)

    27 jul 12:31 Svara
  • chieftec1

    u know it's tomorrowland over here ??? i can here the music ... so no need to go there lol ... awesome pic

    27 jul 11:53 Svara
  • chieftec1

    NICE version ... lazy sunday version of hardrock tune ;) almost holiday yiihhhaaaa

    27 jul 11:14 Svara
  • medusa_realm

    Also is that dreads I see in the photo? :D

    24 jul 04:22 Svara
  • medusa_realm

    Alllllo, how's my girl doin? It's quite cold here (winter) no snow, but with the cold winds and everything everyone seems to have the flu.. Cleaning my house, all that jazz. Nice heater is on, cats are well. All sleeping....been reading any good books lately? I have bought a few nice ones that i can't wait to sink into.....anyway hope you're well man. Take care, I'll email you :)

    24 jul 04:21 Svara
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