• Who Is Gunna Clean Up All This Blood

    4 sep 2008, 17:07

    this scapel itching in my pocket
    urges to bend you over and cut your fucking overies out
    this kiss that lays on your chest is my farewell
    but who could destroy you?
    dont be afraid of my desires
    rape and torture, a full time addiction
    leaving me breathless
    babe, don't stain the carpet
    what would i tell the authorities
    you tripped, fell and i gouged your eyes out
    i sure hope i didn't make you sick
    when you choked on my dick
    i dont ever want this party to ed
    but it seems you're having a hard time
    trying not to bleed out
    what do your doctrines prove?
    you cant make it on your own
    how can you act the way you do
    i didnt want to lose you, maybe i lied
  • no name

    4 sep 2008, 16:46

    grinding bones together
    fine fucking happy im dying
    nothing to show for this temporary life
    the sun rises and you fucking fall
    watching an exposed heart burst with pride
    dearest, i can help you now
    please don't cry when you see me go
    you are only a weak victim, didn't even bring me pleasure
    and im only a sinner laying my love in the ground
    pure darkness, i can't wait forever for this infection to begin
    not only is this revenge its orgasmic glory
    to watch the flies take hold of your beauty
  • dunno about the name yet

    4 sep 2008, 16:41

    go ahead, keep throwing empty words at my face
    time never change, revenge doesnt cry in pain
    why did i fucking try?
    licking my lips, beautiful eyes
    a million ways to watch you die
    the only thing i really need is screaming

    knuckle imprints on your fucking cheek
    choke on razor sharp teeth
    cutting their way out of your throat
    standing over a shaking corpse
    spitting blood in your face
    whisper to me something of
    a new day, a new breath
  • His Teeth Of Fate

    28 jul 2008, 15:03

    the end has come, and we all die
    the end has come, leaving no one alive
    no one seems to know how to survive their own lives
    we either laugh or cry, and death always lingers
    destroying families in whole, striking us down
    we can't live through this madness
    we don't even have bodies to leave behind
    emptiness crawls inside everyone of us
    depression never ends in this solitary drought
    genocide seems to be the only way to describe it
    we can't abide this fucking killing spree
    this plague stretched from shore to fucking shore
    the end of what we thought was humanity
    the entrance to death is the exit wound
    unless you wait to be swarmed by this blissful plague
    and this plague's teeth aren't dull
    he isn't even leaving me alive to tell the tale
    eaten alive by himself
    wait, one more time
    eaten alive by my greatest friend and creation
  • Yeah, Do You Feel The Same?

    10 jul 2008, 15:32

    a shadow of a dream turned to nightmares
    you can never take away your memory
    no matter how fucking long you stay away
    the ticking of time sends me so far back
    i strive for the sky but break and fall every time
    i never thought those eyes would have this
    great of an impact on my mind
    the taste of the flame
    it feels like the right time for one more attempt
    to reach this perfect sky
    now it seems as if im not alone
    but i guess its just your memory scratching
    at my skull
    is it getting harder to breathe or just harder to live
    deep down i can't put up with this fight
    but don't panic, even though there is no way out of this
    no way out of this
    i can feel the world go straight to my head
    no way out of this
    this world deludes my thoughts of grandeur
    and there is no way it can possibly be this hard
    to fight and survive
    another look at your eyes, i could never let you go
    another look at your eyes, bruises my skin
    it feels like the right time for one more attempt
    to reach this perfect sky
  • The Suburbs Tears

    9 jul 2008, 15:09

    you know the truth as well as i do
    dancing in the wrecked ballroom
    is no way to cope with that truth
    please don't look back when we depart
    i wont be coming back for you
    you were a fuck up so i walked away
    shredding the evidence that used to be a lie
    shredding a lie that we though what love
    oh, i can't do anything without you by my side
    im so god damn lost
    say it again you miss me
    oh and then say that one again
    fuck you, i kept that going far too long
    to hell with it
    we are all better off without that special one
    give it some time and you might find its important
    to feel this hurt
    cut and bleed, cut and bleed
    you hurt yourself on the outside just to try and forget
    about that ghost on your inside
    don't give up, you're so strong
    if all goes to plan, we might find a life worth living
    but either way i don't fear where im going
    im so lost, don't you see this
    im hopelessly entangled in falling
    save me, no get the fuck away
    im not changing anytime soon
    arise the sun is near!
    arise and watch my final demise
    i hang myself in front of your eyes
    with the blood dripping from the rips in my neck
    there was no point in your crying at all
  • Let Me Know If It Was Worth It

    8 jul 2008, 17:34

    stabbing, injecting, fucking,
    this intoxicated life has no wear abouts of purgation
    theres no chance at becoming a saint
    and the only time id love
    to see an angel is when im ready
    to be laying on my deathbed
    thats all angels are made for, slaughter
    hacking at your fucking chest with a chainsaw
    deathbed, memories, no more throw it all away
    deathbed, kiss me oh delicately please
    i just cant seem to find the
    difference between silk and flesh

    what is it to you that the unholy angels
    clutch has withered us all away

    abandon me, this blood is comfortable enough
    i never knew how wretched
    your blackened smile really was till this day
    at least i won't have to look at it again
    i think id be the one to ask, make an effort to change
    your ways or let them change you
    fill me with the joy
    i spit in your fucking face
    theyre coming to take this body away
    just let me have my fun first
  • Only On Wednesday's(Be Honest Or Be Brutal)

    7 jul 2008, 17:32

    so are we going to fuck or
    sit here and look at each other naked?

    if the weeks shall fail
    we shall own up with our souls
    this site is worth seeing,
    the blood smearing these fucking walls
    and when im done with you
    you will be bleeding from every hole in your body
    in time, the hole in your chest will grow
    its just a squeal, its just pain
    so what the fuck is your problem
    i thought nothing hurt you

    dumb fuck

    insomnia is nothing unless you have seen my life
    you better say your prayers
    your life fucking ends today
    don't you get it, i do, leaving no one alive

    oh, this is interesting
    the adrenaline is keeping you alive
    even when you are completely disassembled, piece by piece
    ive never seen such a bloodbath
    but it taste so sweet
    why should i to stay and watch you anymore
    you lied to my fucking face
  • Tiny People Living Under My Skin

    7 jul 2008, 02:23

    i refuse to let my fate go on
    without being shook out of style
    i walk away, you follow
    we've been doing this far too long
    she said to never leave her side,
    obviously she doesn't know a thing about me
    and i know what you're thinking
    and im simply petrified by the fact
    my life took place in that one year alone
    is it me or is it time, cause i really want to know
    and id just like to say, forget yesterday
    you know, i hate being blind to my degradation
    for every second i lost to failure
    i will get my revenge
    and i will get my revenge
    there is no final reasoning
    there is no fucking luck
    to get back into my heart
    for every second i lost to failure
    for every notch on your belt
    i was just another notch
    so did you look deep enough to find my heart
    this time, this time
    i was completely unprepared
    i cannot stand, i cannot stand alone
    i am the one, the only fucking one you should be afraid of
    and there are no subtitles, just the end
  • I Didnt Tell The Little Girl To Suck My Dick, Its Her Fault

    5 jul 2008, 16:05

    the selfish receive their own life outside ours,
    i knew you were oh so different from the moment you
    walked right through the door
    selfish receive their own,
    is this what real men are made of?

    yeah duh!

    never begging to think of it,
    a moment of truth is worth it to me
    oh, send me screaming to my grave
    shattered and blistered fingers ive witnessed
    as i grasped for the ground
    the blood traces my palm,
    i cannot stop it if it makes me feel so alive
    i cannot stop the pain and heartbreak i feel so fucking alive
    ill admit it, but i forgot what i wanted to admit
    just what can i do, to feel the jolt of pain
    send shock up my spine
    stab me over and over with your dull knife
    it cant be getting me closer to anything in particular
    but damn girl, i love the hate
    there doesn't seem to be a path, just sticks, shells and rocks
    trying to make it through the day
    if we live right, we can't die wrong
    i can't seem to find the truth in that
    gut me with the knife, lets drink up the filth
    lets drink it up, don't leave a single fucking drop