Ripoff of the week: Carsick Cars vs. Frightened Rabbit


17 mar 2011, 23:51

I went to see Frightened Rabbit with Oxford Collapse at a show in 2007 and remember feeling like I'd discovered a new genre. Loud, repetitive, emotional, with melodies usually arising from patient shifts in the bass part. It builds and builds and you let it wash over you. Sort of like a more uptempo, more song-oriented Isis or something.

Obviously it wasn't the invention of that sound, just my first exposure to it.

Anyway, Chinese band Carsick Cars fits pretty well into this niche. Here are two songs that are so similar (with the same simple chord progression, thumping along to the same drum part at the same tempo) that they earned a spot in this series.

Carsick Cars - "You Can Listen, You Can Talk" (2009)

Frightened Rabbit - "Living in Colour" (2010)


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