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  • haikara_girl

    So, I'm not going to be home from Wednesday to probably late Saturday next week... Leaving on a vacation of sorts...! Which means I'm going to miss the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, on the day it's being celebrated, which is Friday... I mean, you've been celebrating for awhile now, but that is the _exact_ date. The twenty fifth. That your blog endeavor turns five years old. So I want to Congratulate you in advance, for reaching this milestone, and committing yourself to continuing to share such good, underappreciated music with the people lucky enough to discover Pachinko Overdrive and share in your output :) For that long a period of time you have. Committed yourself. It's really a wonderful thing :)

    20 jul 14:21 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    I'm sorry I've been so neglectful in commenting on those really good things too... They aren't being ignored by my ears, because I _did_ listen to the third Astro Sounds... I'm just rotten about commenting extensively. You're currently getting inspired by "Moonrise Kingdom" though...? Oooooo! That sounds so promising~ ...Unless you're going to reach to the Sixties like Wes Anderson likes to. ...I'm kidding! Kidding! You could.

    20 jul 14:16 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    Anyhow, thanks for sending along the Eggstone and putting the Liner Notes for my mix in a format where I could read them... Did I tell you, I was at a Magic Show, and the Magician asked for a child assistant from the audience, right... So this... He was probably eleven or twelve, anyway... This kid volunteers, anyway, and the subject of a walkman is brought up... The Magician was like "Do you know what a Walkman is?". The kid was all "No". Boy did I feel old... Reading your liner notes reminded me of that story, since you were talking about Walkmen... That is so awesome that your selections would fit on a cassette tape, if I were able to put them on there. I am personally still convinced that the Walkman and cassette tapes are going to come back someday, so... Perhaps I'll have that very opportunity :) As ever though, I'm happy to be the recipient of mixes containing some of your current obsessions, or re-discovered obsessions, since you're always listening to really good things~

    20 jul 14:12 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    It's cool to hear The Wolf Amoung Us ended as strongly as it began, too... I continue to be discouraged by the amount of reported quick time events...! But you're never going to get better at things unless you do them repeatedly, so I should start looking at things that way, I suppose. And, if all else fails, that's what brothers are for :) And, I don't know, I think that may be my kind of game playing, actually... The ones that focus more on storytelling and leave the action elements mostly by the wayside... At least there's almost a guarantee that you'll be able to beat the game and see the whole story unfold, unlike most other games I play, where I never get to see the ending because I'm not skilled enough to get there :\\ Skilled enough, or committed enough to level up my dudes so I can better beat the bad guys and stuff. I did manage to beat "Ni no Kuni" though, finally, so perhaps that'll encourage me to take on proper RPGs and stuff again...

    20 jul 14:05 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    But eventually, for sure. I will. Watch it. You made it sound really good, and the cover they're displaying on Netflix has her riding on this winged dinosaur looking thing, which is pretty awesome, so. Have to check it out. I really do think so. Netflix users were kinder in their reviews, too... They gave it a little over four stars :0 And, I don't know, maybe I'm getting more used to female leads, or at least letting myself be charmed by them, considering how much I liked the lead actress in both "Late Spring" and "Late Autumn"(same director, same actress, supposedly "different" movies, but not really, since the plots were almost identical and so were the outcomes), and I didn't mind Black Widow in that last Captain America movie either... I mean, not that it was her movie. But she was featured a lot. Mostly. And she didn't get on my nerves too much, and I wasn't wishing for her death or anything. Kind of. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation, regardless :)

    20 jul 14:01 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    But it had some funny-ish moments in it too, which surprised me, because I wasn't expecting to find them... One in particular, anyway, right at the beginning, when the one guy goes to kick the mirror off the car who hit him and then drove away, but his flying kick totally failed :D I think there may have been at least one other time where I laughed, but I can't remember what over... It was good, anyway. The movie was. A messed up ending, that I suppose I maybe should have seen coming, but I got caught up in the idea of a mother's perseverance Saving the Day and her Son's Freedom, I suppose, so I was kind of counting on the movie to go that way, and it didn't at all. Still, a good movie. And do you know what movie I could sit and watch today, if I wanted? Your "Adele" movie :0 Netflix has it streaming, which is kind of awesome... Today was my litter box cat duty day, though, so I'm probably going to spend the rest of today napping and recovering... Maybe tomorrow...

    20 jul 13:56 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    stand to profit from this movie... Or whoever took on his estate isn't going to profit, anyway, cos he's passed away... But they're still going to use his name in promotional materials and the like :\\ We still have a standing bet on how well it's going to do at the box office though, right...? We'll get to find out next weekend. Who gets bragging rights over how well they're able to predict these things :D I don't know how many fanboys are going to take on Alan Moore's boycott, though... I still think if it doesn't do well, it's because it looks like a terrible movie. Or just sounds like a rotten idea. Which is what I'm insisting on going with. The rotten idea thing. Anyway, I spent two hours of my time yesterday watching "Mother", finally... I waited too long to watching it streaming on Netflix, and it'd disappeared, so I had to rent it instead... You said it'd be a Bleak Movie Watching Time, right...? Or would make for one. It did, I suppose...

    20 jul 13:51 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    Transformers 4?? I was threatened with that too, did I tell you...? But nothing more has come of it, so I think I'm good, and can continue to go about the rest of my life without ever having seen a single Transformers movie. And I imagine that would be the absolute worst one to see, considering it's verging on three hours o_o ...Unless they all have. I really don't know. That seems like a huge trial of patience, though, to ask teenage boys to take on... I'm assuming that's their targeted audience, anyway... But yeah, I wish you the best of luck, anyway! With that. And speaking of Action Type Movies, did you already hear about Alan Moore calling for a boycott of the new Hercules movie? I had zero interest in seeing it anyway, but at least now I have a legitimate reason as to why I don't want to... That's pretty darn messed up, how the guy that wrote the comic this is being based on doesn't

    20 jul 13:46 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    BTW! The Final World Cup Battle hasn't been waged yet, right? Best of Luck to your home team~ Gooooo Germany :D They had a story on the News, where the Barnum and Bailey had their elephant predict who he felt was going to be the winner by kicking a soccer ball in to that teams goal... He went for Germany :D That is a Sign~

    13 jul 14:26 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    And the power of the Creative, Ambitious Human Mind. And that those inventions sometimes get twisted and used in ways they maybe weren't intended to... That's an unfortunate offshoot, for sure. And, I don't know, the one thing I ended up being most curious about after seeing the movie is whether or not he really had a wife who died from... What was it, tuberculosis...? But the Internet wasn't very helpful in assisting in finding that out, since his Wikipedia page didn't mention anything about it. Like, I wondered if he happened to contract it too, since she had it and that's a contagious thing, from my understanding. But he didn't, because he died of pneumonia instead, so... But yeah, that was my chief concern. Go figure.

    13 jul 14:13 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    I think Tj told me he made the same decision too, though, so I felt a little bit better about that... But yeah, still haven't bought additional chapters to play, but I hear the final chapter is out, so I'd be able to finish the whole game if I did. Purchase them all. Which would be cool. Hopefully, eventually :) Anyway, I'm glad to hear you liked The Wind Rises as much as you did :) It really was a fine way for Miyazaki to leave things, if he truly _is_ leaving, because I heard he's been "retired" a couple of times before... Or at least once before, anyway, and it didn't stick... We can only hope, right...? Not that I want to deny someone the right to a nice, quiet retired life if that's what they truly want for themselves, but... And, I don't know, I suppose considering the backdrop the story was set behind, you couldn't help but address War Things, but that wasn't what the movie was really about, right? Like you said, it was about having a Dream, and Realizing It...

    13 jul 14:08 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    And I definitely want to see "Locke", having heard nothing but tremendously good things about it... It isn't going to be released in the theater here, though, so Home Video release it is... Back to the topic of The Wolf Amoung Us for a minute... Yeah, I felt like a dummy in the scenario you discussed... Where you're given a choice of visiting the Prince who hooked up with Donkey Skin Girl or going to solve the problem Toad was having... Because I went to go see Toad T_T Who seemed to have the more pressing problem, considering the dude was right in the apartment, ransacking the place as Toad was on the telephone with me, so the way I figured it... That dude isn't going to stick around if I go to see the other guy first, so I better go see Toad. ...Even though all signs pointed to indicating the Prince guy was totally going to kill himself, or he was on the verge of dying, or whatever. But nooooo, that wasn't enough for me. So, he died. And, I felt like a Jerk.

    13 jul 14:04 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    Sounds like you've had some interesting Movie Times... I remember reading a review for "Under the Skin" when it first came out a couple of months ago... Their review ended up becoming a whole article about why Famous Actors choose to star in these quirky little Indie films when they don't have to... The assumption was that they still want to prove they have Artistic Credibility or something, even though they're in big budget action movies like The Avengers... I think that was the general tone the article took, anyway. And they ended up not really getting Under the Skin, and didn't give it a terribly favorable grade, I don't think...? Maybe a B- or a C. Which isn't too terrible, considering. I don't know if I'll ever watch it... It didn't sound like my Thing... But I _will_ be seeing that particular actress in a new movie before too long, since it's been decided that "Lucy" will be on my Summer Movie Going list. I don't know how to feel about that, still...

    13 jul 14:00 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    And you know, I was watching The Raid 2 again the other day, because it's out on DVD now and everything, and I get what you meant about some of the violence being excessive... Like when dudes and well and dead, and their heads keep being smashed repeatedly in to the pavement and stuff... Totally and completely unnecessary, that sort of thing is. I mean, not that I don't like seeing guys pounded in to bloody pulps, but, I don't know... I understood your point, anyway. I think I'm going to have to finally check out Ong-Bak too, considering I _still_ haven't seen it... My brother says I only have to watch the first one, since two and three are... They're just not worth my time, I guess. So, yeah, I'll adjust my Netflix queue accordingly, soon~

    13 jul 13:57 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    Boooooo. Oh! But if you could also include me in on a share of Spanish Slalom, please? I have been looking for that Best Of for forever, because there are definitely new Eggstone songs on it... Or ones that will be new to me, anyway. I could only ever find it on vinyl, though, and never bought a copy... And even if I did, I couldn't play it, being that I don't have that vinyl ripper program thing hooked up and usable... But yeah, that'd be awesome, then. You're so lucky to continue to be so gosh darn resourceful about these things...

    13 jul 13:54 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    (the James Brown one that is going to be released soon and the Jimi Hendrix one that is already released and sounds Mostly Awful), and then we hit on the subject of the B-52s and how good their second album is... Well, my Dad was telling me how good it is, and I could only sit and listen and take the recommendation because I haven't heard it... The last time I checked, nothing but their most recent album and a best of was available on Spotify, but now their entire back catalog is on there... My Dad had me listen to his favorite song, "Dirty Back Road" through the ear buds he had with him, and it was Instant Love... So that's all I've wanted to listen to :) But I'm totally going to be jamming on your mix in a little bit. I'm really, really, really grateful you made me one... I appreciate it, for sure :) ...But unfortunately. I can't read the liner notes that came along with it :( The type of file it is... My computer doesn't have the program, and it's like "Well, you've got to buy it".

    13 jul 13:52 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    noticed was at the end, when, instead of finding older actors that looked like the younger actors playing The Four Seasons, they put Old Age make-up on the young actors to age them, because the movie ended on them being inducted in to the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame... The Old Age make-up was _bad_, though. So bad. So bad. Awful, terrible, laughable. Like, two wrinkles at the corner of each guys eye constituted "old". That's the kind of make-up it was. But, I don't know. I enjoyed listening to the music, and I didn't think the story they were telling was horribly uninteresting or lacked the necessary amount of drama... _Plus_ this guy was watching "Ace in the Hole" in his apartment, which thrilled me a lot, cos that's still in my Netflix queue and everything to be watched... So, I think I'd give the movie a five. Which is fair. Maybe. Right in the middle. Anyway, after the movie we headed to McDonalds and I got a Birthday Sundae, and we sat around talking about music and biopics

    13 jul 13:48 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    I knew the songs he was famous for, and it turns out I was mistakenly attributing songs to him that he didn't even do, because I was waiting the whole movie to hear them play/perform "Lightening Strikes", and they never did... They didn't, because that isn't a song he performed. Huh. I thought with the falsetto and everything, it had to be Frankie Valli, but No... Anyway, my father hated the movie. And he thinks Clint Eastwood is going senile for ever having thought it would be a good idea to direct it. Which is pretty funny as a thought, and I kind of thought the exact same thing when I heard he was doing it... It's just a bizarre pairing in my mind, but maybe he had legit good reasons for taking on the project... I don't know... But my Dad complained cos the songs were mostly played out of order, and he hated the appearance of just about every single person in the movie because they had this weird pancaked make-up look... I didn't really notice that, though. The only bad make-up _I_

    13 jul 13:44 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    Thank you very much for the Birthday gift and wishes, Percy :) I plan on delving in to that right after I get over the fixation my Dad implanted in me when I saw him on my Birthday... He took me to go see "Jersey Boys". Which is not the current fixation, by the way. Frank Valli and his music and stuff. It wasn't an awful movie, though. Jersey Boys wasn't. Or maybe I liked it better than I should have because I enjoy seeing the Inner Workings of Band, be they horribly over-dramatized or not, which I'm sure this one was. But seeing how a band comes together, and how they different personalities mesh, or Don't, is really interesting to me. And there was quite a bit of that in this movie, and then the Mob ties, which I didn't realize existed... And they weren't, like, really prevalent or anything, but I didn't know they were there at all... But, then again, I didn't know much about Frank Valli to begin with, until I saw this biopic.

    13 jul 13:41 Svara
  • haikara_girl

    Also, thanks for the Happy Fourth wishes :) I did indeed have delicious cook out foods and saw an Amazing fireworks display... I didn't know fireworks could be shaped in to Actual Shapes, but they set one off that looked like a star! It was so cool! And then they had these ones that would burst open halfway, and then a trail would still keep going a little above the first burst and burst into something itself. So it was like two fireworks for the price of one, since there were two separate explosions in one firework. So darn cool~ I had no idea they were able to have such fancy fireworks technologies, but there they were!

    7 jul 06:27 Svara
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