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  • In-Dying-Days

    What does that mumble jumble mean? lol. My game if you mean PS4 wise, I wantthe game called The Crew . Go look at it on the youtubez.

    8 timmar sedan Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Nein! Throwing some German your way, here. :p I know basic German words. Other than that I don'tknow jack shit about that language . But yeah.. uhhh my life is boring. I will probably never answer that question with anything other than, nope all the time. Ha! Oh, I will be most likely getting a PlayStation 4 finally.. So I can be hip with all the kidz now-a-dayz. But I still have my PlayStation 3. I won't get ris of that shit I invested too much money in that system with games and downloadable contentin the past years, I will keep it until it shits out on me.

    1 sep 03:16 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Haha! Yes, but a lot less barren.

    19 aug 17:40 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Ah, I wosh I could go to the beach. There is a really cool place I want to go here called Garden of the Gods. Google it, and look at the images. Itis a huge area, but has very beautiful scenery. Thereare oyher places I want to go here as well. I been inside a cave before.

    16 aug 00:57 Svara
  • Pyramid_Stomp

    LOVE your tunes......really like the new pics you put up on The Pyramids page ! Cheers from Northern California. ;D

    15 aug 20:50 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    I will let you know when something ever interesting happens in my life. It just is the same lol.. I need a vacation! 😩

    15 aug 10:24 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Well, after 50yrs, I think life begins to go downhill. Your body begins to sag. Ball sag! Haha!

    12 aug 14:24 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Thanks! And summer here has been more rainy than usual. Also too I do not remember that story. I will have to look into it. :)

    6 aug 12:43 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    One more thing, and it is very weird. On my main email, I look at recent activity on it, and it says, that there has been failed attempts at logging into my hotmail account. I checked where the attempts are coming from, and it has been from Russia a few times, and last time it was from another place. After that, I made my password very hard to crack. I also got a recovery password that was generated from hotmail, in-case i do lose my account due to a hacker, I can get it back. Also too, last year, my yahoo account was hacked by a spam bot, or something. I looked in the inbox and it had failed sent emails, loads of them I never even sent. SO, if you want to make sure your email is safe, DO NOT use words that are in a dictionary! And use upper-case letters as well lower-case letters, mixed in with numbers. If you have hotmail, I recommend checking on your recent activity on it. :|

    4 aug 12:05 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    I should make the top list of my music, with 666's listens to each artist. I got one artist at that amount, I didn't do on purpose though. Also, I may just get a subscription again, since on my phone, the site pops up with a really seemingly, "risky" advertisement claiming I got a certain amount of viruses on my phone, and I don't, if at all, the advertisement is a virus, since I once accidentally clicked on it, then my phone started making this a loud beeping noise. I never heard that kind of noise before. I scanned my phone afterwards, it didn't do anything luckly. I do not trust's advertisements.

    4 aug 12:02 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    I don't think I will do a subscription this time.

    4 aug 09:25 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    My face? I thought it was attached to my head. :p

    4 aug 09:24 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Oh, and there always seems to be a typo in a message that I go over a few times, such as the one before. I use my cellphone to go on here. 😖

    26 jul 07:42 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    I think it is like the word dammit. Ask the almighty Google. But if the person just sent you that message just as js and not into reply from something you said, I would assume it is a mixture of disbelief and disappointment from something that has happened. That's what I think. I never use that saying. But I heard it before.

    23 jul 20:27 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    "common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative" - That is the meaning of how I am using the word mundane. So, yes.. just an ordinary life.. I woldn't call it a "negative" word per se.

    20 jul 01:42 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Just living life.. nothing so great going on.. my life is so mundane right now. :/

    18 jul 02:27 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    How are things?

    16 jul 01:48 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    Nope. Try using a different browser or clear your cache on your browser. It helps with internet browser issues. But what kind of problems are you having?

    13 jun 23:01 Svara
  • Prostoria

    Hi, you should check out brand new surf sensation called MOUSSAKA @ Cheers!

    3 jun 13:21 Svara
  • In-Dying-Days

    I got your message. That is weird though. Maybe its your web browser? Try different ones when it happens again, if not then its the site or something. :S

    14 maj 11:48 Svara
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