Fingerprint (command line) client


12 okt 2007, 10:48

Hi folks!

We have made another step towards the metadata cleaning project: the first beta of a usable fingerprint client is out!

For the moment it's just a command line program, but we are working hard to include the library in the official client as soon as possible!

Here is how it works: get your OS version (see below), and just type:

lastfmfpclient yourMp3File.mp3
If the mp3 is found in our databases, you should get something like:

141878 Spank Rock Chilly Will 0.8913763 25 28
141878 Spank Rock Track 09 0.04141196 1 28
141878 Spank Rock/Rosalie Parker Chilly Will 0.034457896 1 28
141878 Spank Rock 08 - Chilly Will 0.032753944 1 28

The first column represent the fingerprint ID, the second the artist, the third the track name, and the fourth our score. Other values are used internally for debugging. (Note that we are still working to fix the album problem. This will likely involve MusicBrainz knowledge).

If the entry is not found it will be automatically added, and after a few days you should find it listed.

Here are the binaries:

Linux - 32
OSX - Intel

UPDATE: if you are having problem running it on windows (especially vista), try to put those libs in the same directory of the program.

UPDATE 2: I uploaded an new version (1.34) with several bugfixes. Please update if you can.

UPDATE 3: The metadata server is currently down and will be returning only in january after we fixed some issues and update the dataset with the data we collected via the client (I can already tell you the response has been great! Wait for some really cool stats soon!). In the mean time you can still fingerprint and send the data if you wish.

UPDATE 4: The metadata server is back with tons of new data! :)

UPDATE 5: The links now point to the updated command line programs.

UPDATE 6: Fixed issue with UTF-8.

You can compile your own by checking it out from subversion at svn://

Enjoy! :-)

P.s. Yes, other file formats will follow soon!


  • erikfrey


    12 okt 2007, 11:08
  • skr

    in Switzerland mp3 fingerprints you!

    12 okt 2007, 11:11
  • E1i45


    12 okt 2007, 11:26
  • HawkeVIPER

    in before RJ!

    12 okt 2007, 13:10
  • Kerensky97

    Doesn't like Vista-64? The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail. I'm not much of a programmer, and have only been using Vista for a month so I may be missing something here.

    12 okt 2007, 18:51
  • nova77LF

    Uhm, apparently it's a bug of Visual Studio. I can recompile it from home, but I'll have no way to test it since I have no vista here. You will have to wait until Monday, sorry. :P

    12 okt 2007, 22:25
  • Kerensky97

    No problem, don't worry about it. I'm mostly waiting for the client integration anyway. :)

    12 okt 2007, 23:31
  • Tecfan

    me too \o/

    14 okt 2007, 12:53
  • nova77LF

    @Kerensky97: ok, it should be fine now with the needed libraries I posted above (vista is a real b**ch sometimes). You might wanna re-download the executable too, just in case.

    15 okt 2007, 10:59
  • Fulvian

    I was unable to run it too (I'm using Windows XP SP2), but after downloading those libs, it's working fine. :)

    16 okt 2007, 17:51
  • closedmouth has superior admins

    17 okt 2007, 09:01
  • quasar3c273

    it works. SO? what's the benefit so far?

    31 okt 2007, 12:51
  • SwirlingMind

    fyi - I had to symlink to on my gentoo system, in order to get linux version to run at all.

    31 okt 2007, 13:19
  • nova77LF

    @quasar: well, it's an amuse-bouche waiting for the full curse! :P

    31 okt 2007, 13:41
  • Pitel

    It's crashing on Ubuntu Feisty, strace.

    31 okt 2007, 16:37
  • nova77LF

    @Pitel: uhm.. it seems it cannot find any of the libraries (libmad, taglib, libsamplerate, etc). Have you followed the instructions in the readme?

    31 okt 2007, 16:39
  • PAStheLoD

    So this can be used as a plug in, and that's great! Thanks for this.

    31 okt 2007, 16:50
  • jellevc

    I don't understand how it's supposed to work. I downloaded the Windows-version, extracted and opened it and all that happened was a black Dos-like window that flashed on my screen and immediately shut down again. I also downloaded those extra libs. Am I doing anything wrong?

    31 okt 2007, 17:19
  • nova77LF

    @jellevc: it's a command line program. You are supposed to use it via the command prompt! :)

    31 okt 2007, 17:37
  • aquilax

    I get: [quote]3374208 Unknown Unknown 1.0 1 1[/quote] for some tracks. What does it mean? The track is found but it's still unknown to the server?

    31 okt 2007, 19:56
  • Escobar_

    The Linux version works well in Kubuntu 7.10 but I find it hard to fingerprint every single file.

    31 okt 2007, 20:45
  • jellevc

    nova77LF > Ok I'm going in the right direction now, I finally figured out what you mean by a command line program. But when I type lastfmfpclient in the command line it says 'lastfmfpclient is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.' I'm sure I'm still doing something wrong. Could you tell me what?

    31 okt 2007, 21:54
  • nova77LF

    @aquila: yeah, that's likely because there is only a person that fingerprinted the track in the past, and had no ID3 tags. We will fix that soon. @jellevc: which operating system are you using? Are you sure the libraries are in the same folder of the application?

    31 okt 2007, 21:58
  • jellevc

    Ok I got a bit further yet again, but now when I type lastfmfpclient Saturday sun.mp3, it says: ERROR: Invalid option Saturday

    31 okt 2007, 21:59
  • nova77LF

    @jellevc: try with lastfmfpclient Saturday sun.mp3 :)

    31 okt 2007, 22:02
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