am i becoming a boring old whore?


6 nov 2010, 05:36

so after not having used for a year and a half, i thought it was about time to come back and reset my listening history, because presumably my taste would be very different now, what with all those Hip, In and Cool new acts around and all that.

however, this does not seem to be happening.
i listen to exactly the same music, more or less, that i listened to when i was 17 or 18, bought one record a week and then spent weeks - months - obsessing over it. i just don't have as much time as i used to to go out and discover new music - hence the reactivation.

but there's also a different reason which makes me wonder.
i honestly don't care about chillwave or whatever's on pitchfork these days - it sounds like too much i've heard before, executed in a manner that could only appeal to people who never had to put up with the sound quality of a second-hand walkman.. people younger than me who have never seen a walkman, that is.

there seems to be very little new music out there that can make me feel like i did when i was a naive teenager with a whole life in front of me – there are of course exceptions, like The Chap or Pantha du Prince, or Beach House's Teen Dream, but none of that is exactly new.

it's easy for me to obsess over Faults or Not Music, but when I hear something like Wild Nothing, i just think "blaah this is MBV and the whole 4AD back catalogue combined, blech", and listen to the old stuff instead.

so in short:
is modern music rubbish
am i past my prime?


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