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  • lovelylynn

    what did you think about that Knife show? I was pretty into it in the beginning then at some point I was like, this is awful.

    igår eftermiddag Svara
  • AdamsFM

    Are you going to Outside Lands this year?

    11 apr 02:38 Svara
  • LuxDel

    haha you luk comfy and faded as fuck, i lub it.

    9 apr 21:07 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    Honest needs to leak already...Can't believe he got Kanye and Andre 3k to feature

    4 apr 00:45 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    v I think I know who's to blame for that, bruhbruh....

    4 apr 00:44 Svara
  • notcarbonated

    Quel dommage! Bloody IT department at my job has blocked :'(

    1 apr 15:19 Svara
  • kornfangirl666

    I fucked up and completely forgot about the show. I hope it was great. What Pavement songs did he end up playing?

    28 mar 00:07 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    Dude that HTDW show was amazing. I am so hyped for his new LP.

    26 mar 23:39 Svara
  • WS9167

    Thanks for the add!

    22 mar 11:31 Svara
  • lovelylynn

    I think I saw you at the Indy last night but you walked right past me or something! i wouldve said something but i may or may not have been really high

    19 mar 00:18 Svara
  • lovelylynn

    I KNOW! I hit Oshin reaaaaally hard last year. It became an obsession. From what I've heard on their tour last year the new stuff sounds amazing so your faith is not unfounded! and at the GAMH, OMG! I did make it to Four Tet and it was pretty damn cray! so many people rolling lolol

    13 mar 18:06 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    Oh I'm set for the next couple of months, bought all my tix in advance this time. ;) If you wanna swing by an hour or two before the gig or smth lemme know, should be out of work and home by 4-5pm.

    12 mar 23:13 Svara
  • Considerables

    I actually feel bad for being happy that Zomby won, lol. I love Hud Mo, but Zomby is my boi

    9 mar 02:28 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    New HTDW. Wasn't expecting new material live but I'm excited now. Maybe he's releasing an LP this year?

    6 mar 23:30 Svara
  • lovelylynn

    SO STOKED for more DIIV omg

    6 mar 21:24 Svara
  • LuxDel

    lmfao @ headphones, got dat one ear in, one ear out so you can hear if someones coming eek! ima grab both Fugazi albums, there is this song. And I've only heard it once, and I don't know what the name is, all I know is it's by them, and it was amazing. I wish to find it. Yeezus was fresh as fuck, will check that French guy out too, giving me the butter recs, gratzi. Clubs on deck this Saturday, it's my cousin's 21st. Go ham and lose inhibitions but -_- @ being horny in a city full of fuckboys.

    28 feb 04:06 Svara
  • LuxDel

    oh you did my ^_~ face, i own your soul now. Spring for you means Autumn for me, am happy to swap, heat has been annoying and smothering here lately. and you're telling me, living alone is fucking great but hard to maintain, my bills are plentiful. worth it tho, get to masturbate all over the house and eat whatever you like RIGHT!? dun lie, know that's what you do ^.^ im good, nothing that great to look forward too lol, i had my annual leave in January so all i can see is work and occasional nights out. no concerts in my immediate future either, unlike you lol, you are stacked as hell with concerts -_- gimme Fugazi rec. ive heard exactly ONE song from them, help me :3

    23 feb 01:50 Svara
  • LuxDel

    whatcha doin? come say hi dummy <3

    19 feb 08:56 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    Oooooh, I'm excited! Thanks for reminding me to grab that EP, I was introduced to Forest Swords by his latest album (which is amazing), but I keep hearing great things about this EP. Trippy song...Does he play instruments live too?

    18 feb 18:18 Svara
  • AdamsFM

    When you told me this was going to be drone I was expecting drone metal lol, this is perfect bedtime/high time music...might be a good place to start considering I haven't been able to get into drone thus far. Forest Swords will be a surreal experience I think, I'd love to see his set on acid or something...Have you seen HTDW already? How is he live? Can he hit those high highs? I love his voice. This song in particular has been on constant repeat for me lately, if they did a collab EP or album I'd die. I've been a subscriber for so long I sometimes forget I'm still paying for it lol. For 3 bucks a month I'm not really complaining but besides the fact you can see who visits your profile it's fairly useless.

    14 feb 21:38 Svara
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