Shooting the Light Ave Maria-dango... yeah, that reference just doesn't work...


13 sep 2007, 02:41

So, I yoinked a couple of my Da's CDs -- actually more than a couple. I ganked Elvis Costello and the Attractions -- This Years Model. Also ganked was Tom Tom Club -- their debut album.

No big surprise there. I loves me some weird-ass rock music.

However, I surprised even myself by ganking the Westminster Cathedral Choir's album Panis Angelicus: Sacred Music from Westminster Cathedral. Not being a particularly religious person (especially when it's related to all things Christian), I suppose it might seem odd that I enjoy listening to cathedral choirs singing in Latin and all. But I do.

It's very relaxing.

I also ganked some traditional Arabic music and Sacred Music from the Diamond Realm by the Monks of the Drepung-Loseling Monastery (lots of Tibetan throat chanting and sacred Buddhist music -- SHINY!!)

Ah, Buddhist throat chanting. I remember when my dad first got this album (waaaaaaaay back when we still had a record player). It was a quiet Sunday morning. Mom and I were sleeping in. All was wonderful and still. Then my dad put on the Buddhist throat chanting and turned the volume up as far as it would go.

I literally fell out of bed in surprise. And yes, I'm using the word literally correctly. I LITERALLY fell out of bed.

One day, if I ever decide to have kids. I'm SO gonna wake them up this way. I'm also going to play the song No! whenever they ask me for something.



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