'I Lost You In A Haze Of Wine And Cocaine'


31 jan 2006, 23:16

This is a CD i made last week. I basically merged all my random playlists, cos i had way too many. I seem to spend far to much of my time making playlists in winamp... oh well....

Gonna Leave You
Is She Weird?
Range Life
Happiness Is a Warm Gun
We Used to Be Friends
Alone + Easy Target
Decent Days And Nights - Radio Mix
Rebellion (Lies)
Jack Names the Planets
Hurt (Live)
Once, A Glimpse
The Great Escape
Rags To Rags
Please Stand Up

It will both depress you and make you very happy. And everyone should see WAS live

incidentally, if anyone knows how i can put this on the last.fm thing, i'd like to know


  • obsessive

    I have seen WAS live! woo go me! What do you mean put it on the last.fm thing? Have it all as a radio station?

    8 feb 2006, 17:25
  • no-genius

    I saw WAS with you, you fool!!!!!!! I have no idea what i can do, i guess nothing w/o paying subscribtion so never mind. wooo

    9 feb 2006, 13:25
  • no-genius

    lol ne time

    17 feb 2006, 14:05
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