How to mail us your client logs


4 okt 2007, 10:48

This is a reference journal entry so that I can point people here rather than describe the steps everytime.

If possible don't restart the client! As this can prune the logs and remove the bits we want to see...

  • Open the client
  • Press ALT-SHIFT-F
  • Drag and drop all the files that end with .log to an email*
  • Set the subject to "Client Logs - <username>"
  • Include a link to the forum post that refers to your bug :)
  • A brief description of the bug really helps**
  • Send to***

We'll try to keep you updated on status, though at busy times, like just after a release things can get a little snowed under. Thank you - you're all lovely.

* Zipping them is fine, on mac just the*.log files please, on Windows extensions may be hidden, so you should use details view to see what file type it is
** When we get hundreds of these a week, it is not that easy to manage the reports if you have to click a link to get the context for each one
*** Only us four clientside developers read mail addressed to


  • IVIrMP3

    C:\Documents and Settings\[Insert Windows Username Here]\Local Settings\Application Data\\Client iTunesPlugin.log Twiddly.log If you client won't open and keeps crashing, logs are found here in XP

    2 apr 2008, 19:12
  • robhemmerich

    Given we don't have an ALT key over here, here's how to get the logfiles in OSX. They are found in ~/Library/Logs/ and I guess the ones you want are iTunes Plugin.log Twiddly.log enjoy

    1 maj 2008, 00:36
  • mxcl

    Macs do have alt keys, it's the one to the left of the [b]command[/b] key, right of the [b]ctrl[/b] key, labelled [b]alt[/b], also known as [b][i]option[/i][/b].

    1 maj 2008, 10:22
  • robhemmerich

    But no one in Mac land calls option ALT. (I do note that it is written there in teeny tiny letters, so what do I know?)

    2 maj 2008, 00:58
  • ridd1e

    Naming depends if you have US or european (international) layout on your keyboard. I have Alt on the Apple Thin and Option on the Air.

    8 jun 2008, 13:26
  • mxcl

    My US and European Apple keyboards have ALT written on them. It's a US full standalone keyboard though. So I guess some Macbooks don't have the ALT text. I don't want to have to edit the above text as it's long and confusing enough already :( So not sure how to proceed from here..

    16 jun 2008, 15:48
  • theblastone

    Now that´s why most German users call the control key the "string" key. On german keyboards, it is labeled "Strg", for "Steuerung". Of course, most users believe its an English abbrev so they call it the "string" key. Funny shit.

    28 aug 2008, 08:12
  • theblastone

    (Of course my prev msg referred to Windows keyboards.) (Because I bet that apple was not as stupid as I-don´t-now and label a control key "strg" in germany, right?)

    28 aug 2008, 08:14
  • Henheik

    Right. (:

    5 okt 2010, 12:54
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