• chiodos

    15 okt 2008, 21:18

    Fri 10 Oct – Chiodos, Silverstein, Escape The Fate, A Skylit Drive, Forever In A Day

    i was pretty much asleep for the forever in a day (whom i was dissapointed to see on the bill & had the unfortunancy of seeing more than once), a skylit drive was alright but i'm not really into that shitty music so i slept on the barricades for them as well.

    then escape the fate came on for which i was completely asleep by then, but i woke up when they played situations which thankfully was their last song.

    then silverstein played , which was alright but the crowd was too fucking rowdy for them, and they played a set far longer than i think they deserved.

    i'm pretty sure they also played longer than chiodos.

    then finally chiodos came on and were excellent as i've always seen them, however they seemed to cut their set short which was quite dissapointing and a bit rude on their part considering michigan is their home state, but whatever.

    overall, it was an okay show but had i known the first three bands absolutely sucked i don't think i would have gone.
  • true colors lolz

    18 jun 2008, 12:31

    Wed 11 Jun – True Colors Tour 2008

    as excited as i was for this stupid festival, i was excessively dissapointed with it.

    tegan and sara only played about 4 songs, most of them new, and of course opened up with stupid walking with a ghost.

    the clits and some other band came on before them which i didn't care too much for, and rosie o'donnell spent her bit of the night bitching about the loss of her mother (which might i add happened years ago), gay trains, SAME SAME SAME, and gay is okay.

    then the b-52's came up, and for being as old as they are, they sounded quite good. however, i don't really want to see aging musicians with jowls.

    i didn't even bother to stay for cyndi lauper. if i needed to know about female masturbation i'll just go online or go to my room.

    i feel bad for dragging nick to it though, i'm sure he's scarred for life.
  • friday june 13

    14 jul 2007, 16:22

    Fri 13 Jul – Fear Before the March of Flames, Hot Cross, Kaddisfly, This Will Destroy You

    one of the most fucking amazing shows i've been to in a long time, i enjoyed pretty much every second of it. this will destroy you and fear before took the cake though, i hope they come back again soon. i took over 200 pictures of fear before, recorded 2 of their preformances (taking cassandra to the end of the world party and high as a horse) and basically had an on going orgasm the entire night.

    i'm not going to forget that for a long time.
  • Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

    15 jun 2007, 21:04

    Is tomorrow night!

    I'm quite ecstatic :D

    although i still don't quite see how he is a rip off of the show is the rainbow, vincent.

  • Bledfest

    7 maj 2007, 14:17

    Sat 5 May – Bled Fest

    bledfest was absolutely amazing. amazing bands, good drinks and good times. i can't believe how instensely fun it was, and how i actually managed to stay awake the entire time. the sweat was discusting, but everything else was amazing. the fights were quite amusing too. i most definently am not going to forget it.