• Audrey + Andy @ Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna, 30.10.08

    2 nov 2008, 19:23

    Thu 30 Oct – Audrey, Andy

    I was waiting for this event for quite a while. After amazing performance of Audrey in Bydgoszcz in May this year I just couldn't miss another chance to see the girls in action.
    To tell the truth, I've never heard about the supporting band, Andy, before. Considering the similar name and the fact that Andy are also four girls, my first thought was they would possibly be another band without any idea for their own style, simply copying other bands.
    Well, I was very very wrong.
    I found Andy's music as a very warm and optimistic girly indie rock with some really neat guitar solos that made the show more spicy. They did a great job warming the crowd up, but to me it seemed they didin't show all they are capable of - with all their skills and Ania's voice they can do much better. Anyway, with all their personal warmth and kind of shyness, I just couldn't not like them.
    After a short break Audrey showed up and of course made me drown in their music straight away. All the girls were amazing, but I couldn't stop thinking Emelie is a real cello genius and that the cello is the heart and soul of the band's unique style. It simply made me shiver.
    Unfortunatelly, I was left unsatisfied as I expected the show to be at least a little bit longer...
    Well, considering the fact that I was celebrating my birthday that day, I didn't really care that much about the inconvenience of the crowded club and people talking all the time. Evening with Audrey was simply a wonderful birthday present.

    PS. Huge thanks to Jacek - promusicage - who brought Audrey to Poland again! :)
  • PJ Harvey @ Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, 21.05.2008

    23 maj 2008, 11:23

    Śro 21 V – PJ Harvey

    Have you ever waited for something so so soo long, being as anxious as a six-year-old before Christmas?
    If so, then you can imagine what was it like for me and all the other three thousand PJ's fans who have waited for her in Poland since her first album release.

    Despite the terrible rainy and cold weather, thousands of peolpe cramped round Sala Kongresowa waiting to be let in. As no cameras and recording equipment was permitted, I was really disappointed to leave my camera in deposit, but then as the show started, I realized how important it was not to take any pics, especially with flash, not to break the unique atmosphere of the evening.

    As we took our seats you could feel this anxiety hovering in the air, people still talking with excited voices, giggling. I could not see a single face which wouldn't be smiling.
    The stage looked absolutely empty, black curtains, piano wrapped in Christmas lights, two guitars, microphones and some other technical equipment were all you could notice on such a big area.

    When the light went down, everybody sit still for a few minutes, but then broke in deafening applause that grew even louder when Polly appeared on stage. Wearing long white dress she looked astonishingly small and ghostly on a huge black stage lit only with the piano lights.

    Polly greeted everyone and caused a wave of cheers and bravos saying something like: 'I like variety so I'll play on a lot of instruments today, but I play none of them particulary well'.
    She was definitely in a good mood and apprieciated such a warm welcome.
    As Polly was taking breaks between songs to say a few words to the crowds, to answer fans' shouts, being genuine and natural, joking and sending ironical comments, she was praised with bursts of laughter and applause.
    She also said a story about her first tour in Poland. She was seventeen then and was a part of John Parish's band Automatic Dlamini, where she made backing vocals and played saxophone. The group had three weeks booked for touring in then communist Poland and Eastern Germany. Eventually, almost all the gigs had to be cancelled because of not anough sold tickets, so they had a week in Poland for doing absolutely nothing :)
    Seroiusly, could you imagine one single ticket left for PJ's concert now? Me either.

    During the concert Polly was switching from electric guitars or piano to acoustic guitar, zither, keyboard, harmonica, triangle, performing the whole show on her own. Being so fragile and alone on the stage, she made the most variable, powerful and striking performance you could imagine.

    Although the show was to promote Polly's youngest child - White Chalk, it couldn't go without everyoung songs from my personally favourite album Rid of Me Snake and Man-Size - PJ's deep voice, angry lyrics, accompanied only with harsh guitar were shrilling to the bones.
    Despite my guitar songs preferences, the White Chalk tracks - so different from all the previous albums - were the ones that struck me the most (and I think the whole public as well).
    Polly built a magical, fairy-like impression playing piano and zither emitting esoteric sound which together with deeply sad and penetrating voice made me shiver and actually cry.

    The setlist's here (a pic taken by lesica after the concert).

    There was a change in the setlist, though. After one of the fans shouted 'Lying in the sun!', Polly laughted and said she'd think about it. Some time later she took her acoustic guitar and played a few chordes to please the fan, saying she hadn't played this song in years and didn't remeber it good enough to play the whole, what was praised with deafening applause.

    In general, taking the fact of waiting to see her live for so many years, PJ Harvey's concert was the best of all I've ever been to and I guess I'm not the only one thinking that way.
    But it's always not enough to feed the hunger...

    Now it's just left to pray for another concert soon.

    Cause Polly's the Goddess. Oh, yes, she is.

    Thanks to quite a big group of users had a chance to meet and attend this wonderful event together. Pre-party was great and after-party even better. Thank you all guys for an unforgettable evening, trully the best of all. Cheers! :D

    Oh, and I've just found that one, from the TV report