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  • machine_elves

    sans soleil :)

    18 apr 23:43 Svara
  • theory_of_mind

    that's a good question! i don't really know any; i learned about it mostly directly from colleagues or by researching online. i first encountered the term working with autistic students.

    5 apr 06:37 Svara
  • theory_of_mind


    2 apr 08:14 Svara
  • chumlum

    I know about it, yeah.

    29 mar 12:34 Svara
  • HedorianForever

    I liked it very much, are all MWC albums this good? I just read that he makes all his music on MTV Music Generator 2 for the PS2 which is unreal. Did you like that Cecil Leuter album?

    23 mar 21:35 Svara
  • chumlum

    just a little, it was scary

    19 mar 20:58 Svara
  • HedorianForever

    Woah, that website is really cool. I love the artwork for their stuff, it's both really pretty and haunting at the same time. I haven't listened to much stuff on Ghost Box, should get to that some time. I think you would really enjoy Altitude 3000 by Cecil Leuter.

    18 mar 17:07 Svara
  • HedorianForever

    How do I get into Moon Wiring Club?

    17 mar 18:12 Svara
  • oaquard


    20 feb 17:48 Svara
  • oaquard

    Oh, they're wonderful! Brilliant musicians, those two. I tried booking them for a festival my college does every year but they never got back to me ;_; but like if they ever do I will literally pay out of pocket for them to play (I also don't anticipate them to be too expensive so this helps). If you want to check them out, which of course I'd highly recommend you do, start with "God Was Like, No" and then basically go on to anything/everything else. They have a lot of released material that hasn't been like cut, or rather they have like albums that are in the format of one really long song even though they are a few separate tracks.

    20 feb 17:48 Svara
  • Flandre-chan

    I dunno. Maybe kikiyama just loved Paracas history. And used it to give a psychedelic atmosphere in game. Maybe he looked at this image and create Madotsuki. How to contact him? Nobody knows.

    16 feb 17:43 Svara
  • Flandre-chan

    How is inconvenient when in different time zones. Heh.

    15 feb 10:06 Svara
  • Flandre-chan

    It's not groud quite, juts several people. Yes, this blog post.

    15 feb 06:51 Svara
  • Flandre-chan

    You are OP of this thread? Man, you made a great discovery! This paracas Mado popular of tumblr and small russian community. Also i found more information for this poncho (textile) in russian language... and this very interesting!

    14 feb 06:18 Svara
  • Flandre-chan

    Fuck, thits paracas Mado very popular.

    13 feb 16:53 Svara
  • Stefanszz

    I'M the indie king!!!!!!!

    27 jan 09:20 Svara
  • caro_vian

    welcome Ignatius J. Reilly!

    18 jan 14:01 Svara
  • meltapple

    soz, completely forgot to respond to your shout. i can't think of any other books in that vein sadly! i occasionally derive similar feels from watching some tacky cookery contest called "come dine with me" tho.

    16 jan 22:19 Svara
  • oaquard

    Masaki Yuasa fan X__X you like good things

    3 jan 15:37 Svara
  • UCHalcyon

    26 dec 2013 Svara
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