Marla JO ESHLEMAN WINNER, 54, Kvinna, USA sedd: juli 2012

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Martina McBrideGood Bye 11 aug 2012
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Om mig

I am a 53yr old masrried wom,an with 3 children. 2 girls and 1 boy-ages are 29,26, and 21. My youngest son is in the USMC deployed over to Afghanstan-coming home in July. I have, been a nurse for over 25 yrs but am disabled d/t spinal conditions from lifting a 300 lb stroke pt. I love social networkiing and sharing music, meeting new people. My websites I go to are FB,, Yahoo, utube, Google and Moog records. I belong to Rhapsody music club. My r tcauses are "Support forthe Troops"; Prevention of Breast Cancer; Word; Writing letters to soldiers in Afghanstan to make them feel better and not so scared. I love swimming, traveling, spending time with my children when they are not so busy. My oldest daughter works in a prenatal clinic locating abeir sentee fathers who have run out on theiir girlfriends or wives. My 2nd daughter is a Cert. Vet Tech with a Associates Degree and aced her In State Boards. She loves animals and assists the Vet. with surgery. She hopes to go on for her Masters. This is my 2nd marriage-I was married for 18 yrs until my hsb decided to cheat on me 2x. I am now remarried to my true soulmate-we got married in 1998-dated for 3 yrs and he is the best thing that ever happened to me. We are still married and very happy. He had a Liver Transplant in 2006 d/t heriditary Biliary Cirhosos(not the kind from Alcohol) and has done fantastic. One thing about me is I love my music esp the 70's and early 80's-fav grp is "CHICAGO' WHOM I WILL B


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