02:11 AM no sleep


15 nov 2006, 00:13


  • thendh


    16 nov 2006, 03:44
  • miumau

    oh no, the turbonegro gig was the biggest nightmare of my life... my glasses got broken and when the next band, longawaited mew came on stage i naturally didn't see anything. luckily i was drunk enough not to care too much about it and actually, even if i didn't see anything, the mew gig has been one of the most breath taking gigs i've ever seen!

    16 nov 2006, 15:33
  • Jim_Lithium

    You've seen DFA 1979? Have they actually been to Finland??

    24 nov 2006, 04:28
  • miumau

    No, I saw Death from above 1979 in Stockholm, across the gulf. No nice bands never come in Finland! (except for Islands, while I was living abroad)

    25 nov 2006, 13:37
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