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  • againstelegies

    What was the name of your band when you played with Snowing? Lehigh Valley, PA is such a great place for music. It makes me miss living in PA.

    oktober 2011
  • dreammbrother

    You got to see Gray Matter and Kid Dynamite play together? Congratulations, you are officially the person I am most jealous of that I don't know.

    juli 2011
  • wellingtonhouse

    hey dude, you like music too?

    mars 2011
  • rssllbudd


    mars 2011
  • Matt_Wojcik

    Bro! Dude!

    februari 2011
  • shelby_123

    Hey, I've been good! I finally got to see screaming females a few weeks ago - amazing stuff! So what have you been up to since we last talked? Seen any good bands? :) xx

    november 2010
  • heartATTACKat30

    new brunswick?! nice dude!

    november 2010
  • shelby_123

    Wow, I'm even more jealous now, you're so lucky! And yeah I was so excited when I found out screaming females are playing near me - am I in for a treat then? :) x

    juli 2010
  • shelby_123

    Yeah, I'm sure they were just a tad rusty haha. But you're lucky to be seeing them at all - the chances of them coming to the UK are pretty slim :( are you travelling far to see them - or is it kinda local? xx

    juni 2010
  • shelby_123

    I'm so jealous! Let me know how it goes! I imagine it's going to be amazing :) x

    juni 2010
  • shelby_123

    Hahah, ah cool - well there's quite a few people here with similar tastes but I'm sure there'll be a lot more over where you are :)

    juni 2010
  • shelby_123

    haha, thankyou - I'm liking your charts! I think I'll be listening to your station/library often :D x

    juni 2010
  • shelby_123

    Thanks for the add, neighbour :) x

    juni 2010
  • braillemaps

    q and not u! i thought everyone forgot they existed! woo

    maj 2010
  • Moon0verAsbury

    hell yeah, rep jersey

    april 2007
  • obinoxious


    januari 2007
  • blackmarketbaby

    Consider joining Post Post-Punk!

    juli 2006
  • mauryc

    Interesting playlist so far:)if you got some free time check www.myspace.com/ bloodstainedh8 greetings from Poland!!!

    juni 2006