Steven Wilson | 013 (2-5-2012)


3 maj 2012, 10:07

Wed 2 May – Steven Wilson
The second time visiting Steven Wilson. This show was similar to the show in De Boerderij last year. Major differences are: sound quality, new guitar player and a slightly different set list. Let me explain myself a bit further:

The 013 veneu in Tilburg is a medium/big venue with a superior sound system. compared to the smaller Boerderij. Especially in the lower frequencies the 013 sound is way more defined. Resulting in thunderous low bass sounds from Nick and Adam.

New on guitar was Niko Tsonev, relieving Aziz Ibrahim of 6 string duties. Wow what a player. Sound wise sounding much like Steven Wilson, however especially when soloing more of a virtuose.

Another highlight was Luminol, a new track to be released in spring next year. This epic piece was themed in a much more uplifting and positive vibe than the Grace For Drowning tracks. Style wise `comparable` to Saga/Yes/Genesis/Gentle Giant. Don't get me wrong. This composition is something new in itself like we have come to expect from mister Wilson.

The entire show was packed with musical highlights. Be it an impossible drum fill, keyboard solo, emotional vocals, walls of aggressive/dark sound or tastefull guitar riff. All of these musicians are brilliant in their own way.

My only point of criticism is the way the saxophone and clarinet were mixed down. In the more heavy sections of the show they were barely distinguishable in the mix. The drums also could have been turned up a notch.

Anyhow, this evening was yet another experience I will not forget any time soon!

Tracklist (from setlist fm):
1 - No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun
2 - Index
3 - Deform to Form a Star
4 - Sectarian
5 - Postcard
6 - Remainder the Black Dog
7 - Harmony Korine
8 - Abandoner
9 - Like Dust I Have Cleared From My Eye
10 - Luminol
11 - No Part of Me
12- Raider II
13 - Get All You Deserve


  • Crow74

    Totally agree with your review. You should correct the title though, as it states Zoetermeer instead of Tilburg. :-)

    3 maj 2012, 18:59
  • michielkodde

    Thanks for the heads up :)

    4 maj 2012, 07:23
  • Elger667

    Very good show :) Seen the one in Amsterdam last year as well.

    7 maj 2012, 16:41
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