Why Tags Suck.


22 aug 2005, 01:20

Tags are a terrible addition to the Audioscrobbler/Last.FM world. If done correctly I imagine that they'd be great to have, but their current incarnation is just haphazard and, well... wrong. Example, The Faint is tagged as , , , , etc. There is absolutely nothing metal or 80s about them, and... femal vocalists? Nine Inch Nails is tagged as and . Now usually I'd just glance at the top 5 or so tags to get an accurate discription of what this band was all about. Sadly, the "radio player" does not think the same way a sane human being would. Fix this. Please.


  • stilicho

    Are you familiar with tag environments like Flickr and del.icio.us? It's really not as bad as you think. Tags are better than some editor thinking up a false genre bucket, they allow for mood and style tagging of albums and songs outside of an artist's normal description, and so on. Bad tags will drop down the list as more people tag things correctly (or taht make sense to them), and won't affect tag radio as much as correct, popular tags. Don't get me wrong, some of the tags on my music is daft too. But at a certain point (like Google PageRank) we're letting everyone decide what tags are right.

    22 aug 2005, 07:14
  • metallikop

    @emo-girl: True, but there's one problem with the 'for me' thing... If I want to listen to my idie or metal or bluegrass stations I'm kinda stuck listening to what everyone else has tagged as such. Now, not that I listen to much, if any, bluegrass but when someone tags some random metal as bluegrass and one or two other people follow suit that gets picked up by the Radio Player and throws it in the mix. Tags aren't exactly a problem but improper tagging is. Though, the bigger problem is people incorrectly setting their id3 tags. Please, for the love of god, fix your id3 tags.

    31 aug 2005, 18:33
  • Schrollum

    If I want to listen to my idie or metal or bluegrass stations I'm kinda stuck listening to what everyone else has tagged as such. That's what usertag-radio is for. usertag-stations (for subscribers only), unlike globaltags, only play music that ONE USER has tagged. combine this with pure track-tagging and you get the most accurate results. e.g. lastfm://usertags/Schrollum/melancholic about the improper tagging problem with globaltags: I think the admins know about it. sooner or later the correct tag for a band will get on top and the radio player will filter out the incorrect ones (which it doesn't do at the moment I think)

    14 nov 2005, 16:30
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