• Dark Hoarse

    29 feb 2008, 07:17

    George Harrison/Ron Wood- Far East Man
    Released as a duo song project, these two excellent sidemen and underrated solo artists each recorded a very slightly different version each for their respective albums. It was initially featured on Ron Wood’s first solo album, “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do (which was basically a precursor to the Stones “Black and Blue” album the following year) and then on George Harrison’s Dark Horse album, in 1974 a few months later. The history behind this song is an interesting one; Harrison had just divorced his infamous rock n roll slut wife, Pattie Boyd (of Layla, Wonderful Tonight fame) and contacted a bad case of laryngitis and so he recorded the whole album with literally a hoarse throat (hence the Dark Horse title). The whole album has a raspy sounding Harrison, and the critics lambasted him for that, but you know what, it adds to the charm. George also claimed that he wrote the song for Sinatra to cover, which he had done so successfully with “Something” years before and even jokes in the beginning of the song. Others have claimed it was addressed to Ravi Shankar, but the reality was that it was in fact about Ron Wood himself. George and Ron were buddies and George had promised to write a song with him and Ron used to wear a shirt with the words- “Far East Man”, so there you go. Either way, it’s a fantastically jazzy and soulful number that happens to be just perfect. Both versions sound very much alike, but to tell you the truth, I slightly prefer the Ron Wood version, and his album features Jagger, Richards and Mick Taylor of the Stones, there are some incredible rockers in that great album. Check them both out and judge for your self. Another fun tidbit, after leaving his wife, George decided to cover and re-write The Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” for the album Dark Horse. Take that Layla!
  • Pinky's tougher sister

    24 feb 2008, 07:00

    Suzi Quatro- Four Letter Words
    This simple yet catchy as hell little ditty is pop music at it's obscure finest. This song was on Suzi's 1979 album, "Suzi...And Other Four Letter Words" an album that brought her back to her rock roots. Suzi had a chunk of hits in England in the early 70's glam era, but her most identifiable moment here in the states was her epic portrayal of Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days. But really give her music a chance, it totally transcends that silly character. The proof is in her early records and in this awesome song.
  • Top 50 Favorite Albums (Right Now)

    23 feb 2008, 23:26

    This is ridiculous, I mean it's always changing, but I love doing them. Here are my current f50 faves, and yes, they're mostly old, sue me.

    1. Pet Sounds 1966- The Beach Boys
    2. The White Album 1968- The Beatles
    3. Exile on Main Street 1972- The Rolling Stones
    4. Smile 2004- Brian Wilson
    5. Arthur 1969- The Kinks
    6. Friends 1968- The Beach Boys
    7. The Village Green Preservation Society 1968- The Kinks
    8. Revolver 1966- The Beatles
    9. Loaded 1970- The Velvet Underground
    10.Wowee Zowee 1995- Pavement
    11.Abbey Road 1969- The Beatles
    12.Sign ‘O’ the Times 1987- Prince
    13.Tusk- Fleetwood Mac 1979
    14.Nashville Skyline 1969 Bob Dylan
    15.Wild Honey 1967- The Beach Boys
    16.Let it Bleed 1969- The Rolling Stones
    17.Today! 1965- The Beach Boys
    18.Sticky Fingers 1971- The Rolling Stones
    19.Magical Mystery Tour 1967- The Beatles
    20.Slanted & Enchanted 1992- Pavement
    21.Surfer Rosa 1988- Pixies
    22.Low- David Bowie 1977
    23.Zuma- Neil Young 1975
    24.Sunflower 1970- The Beach Boys
    25.The Velvet Underground- The Velvet Underground 1969
    26.Muswell Hillbllies 1971- The Kinks
    27.Let it Be 1970- The Beatles
    28.Plastic Ono Band 1970- John Lennon
    29.Pacific Ocean Blue 1977- Dennis Wilson
    30.Rubber Soul 1965- The Beatles
    31.All Things Must Pass 1970- George Harrison
    32.Walls and Bridges 1974- John Lennon
    33.Some Girls 1978- The Rolling Stones
    34.Cosmo’s Factory- Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970
    35.Law and Order- Lindsey Buckingham 1981
    36.Here Come the Warm Jets- Brian Eno 1974
    37.Songs in the Key of Life 1976- Stevie Wonder
    38.Bizarre Ride II 1992- Pharcyde
    39.Imagine 1971- John Lennon
    40.Hunky Dory- David Bowie- 1971
    41.Are You Experienced 1967- Jimi Hendrix
    42.Parade 1986- Prince
    43.Beggar’s Banquet 1968- The Rolling Stones
    44.Mind Games 1973- John Lennon
    45.The Unseen 2000- Quasimoto (Madlib)
    46.Paul’s Boutique 1989- Beastie Boys
    47.Kid A 2000- Radiohead
    48.Bringing it All Back Home 1965 Bob Dylan
    49.Everybody Knows this is Nowhere- Neil Young 1969
    50.Aftermath 1966- The Rolling Stones
  • "Keep on keepin' on"

    22 feb 2008, 23:25

    John Lennon- Old Dirt Road
    The song was on Lennon's Walls and Bridges album, released in 1974, and right before his "retirement" from music, but more interesting was that it was made during his infamous "lost weekend" era. Lennon and Harry Nilsson were boozing and drugging it up but also creating some fine soon to be underrated material. Check out Nilsson's "Pussy Cats" and this song especially, to see what these two wino's were doing. Great stuff!
  • Shining Light

    21 feb 2008, 10:40

    Wolf Parade- Shine a Light
    "But that's fine, our blood is alive"
    Released in 2005, and I played it heavily in 2005 and 2006 and 2007, and now here it is, 2008 and I just finished playing it four times in row. I thought it was a mistake, only great songs tend to do that, so I guess this just qualified as great a song. Take a listen, and judge for yourself, it's really fantastic and the music is uplifting as all hell. Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse is a fan and helped with the album. Part of the Canadian Indie scene that is still blossoming.
  • Dylan in the 80's Part 2

    20 feb 2008, 01:08

    Bob Dylan- Heart of Mine
    Made during his Born Again phase, this is actually my favorite Dylan song from the 80's and one that needs to be heard. Listen to it and feel the goodness and upbeat lyrics wash over you as you recall good times and better feelings. Dylan should have had a major hit with this but the Christian message (light) and the album where it came from might have rubbed the public the wrong way. Too bad, because this is a gem of a song. Check out the album as well, it's got many great ones. "Shot of Love" 1981
  • Dylan in the 80's

    20 feb 2008, 00:59

    Bob Dylan- Shot of Love
    This is the sound of Dylan in the 80's, and boy did that era need it, just like the song's eponymous album title. Released in 1981. Why has this era of his been overlooked? Sure he didn't do his best work, but there are so many overlooked gems that appeared in that dismal era like this that needs further exploring.
  • Dear Pedro

    20 feb 2008, 00:43

    Badfinger- Dear Angie
    This band is probably the most tragic rock band of all time. Their music was on par with the Beatles and yet they remain relatively unknown. Before the suicides and managements highway robbery, these kids held the torch passed on to them from the Beatles. A Power Pop band like no other and Dear Angie, taken from their first album, is proof of their talents. This one's another one of those songs I could play ten times in row and want to listen to another ten times. I dare you to listen to it just once.
  • A Throwaway Song?

    20 feb 2008, 00:36

    The Kinks- Til Death do Us Part
    Where to begin? First off, I got to gush- I absolutely love LOVE this song to death (get it) I really really do, I just think it's the cat's pajamas. This song was taken from their hodge podge collection album called- "The Great Lost Kinks Album" from 1973, a frighteningly brilliant collection of B-sides and Village Green and Arthur rejects. Rejects is a horrible word, because Arthur and Village Green are perfect albums and any songs recorded during this era will fall under the perfection umbrella. And that's where this song comes from. Should I even continue writing? Seek this song out, let it's playful charm win you over and watch it consume your every waking hour.
  • 10cc of Goodness

    20 feb 2008, 00:28

    10cc- The Dean and I
    Criminally known as a one hit wonder in the States, England's 10cc were a force to be reckon with and one of Paul McCartney's favorite Bands to boot, and it shows. These witty pranksters were also musical geniuses, a band composed of 4 great songwriters and this song, taken from their first self-titled 1973 is proof of their abilities. It's been called the perfect 10cc song, take a listen and get a load in your ears. (look up band name meaning)