Brand New @ Nottingham Rock City 6/2/12


7 feb 2012, 18:36

Brand New were amazing, the first show of their UK tour and they did not disappoint.
From what I could tell, most of the fans were veterans of Brand New, with particular hype being for the older songs.
My personal favourite was Millstone. But then, I'm bias, as it's my favourite song anyway.
Musically they were so tight. But more importantly they enjoyed themselves, as made evident by smiles across the stage.

Support came from Fin. a band born from London. Now for me, these guys weren't so great. They had amazing energy and used every part of the stage. However, (late as I was) the only songs I heard were some kind of cliché. I didn't really like them. The lead singer gave an air of narcissism, which I know, I know, that's what lead singers do! But this guy was too much. Therefore, just annoyed me.

Then, we got The Xcerts, so much better. The music was better, they were friendly, they had just as much energy as Fin.

But overall, comparatively, Brand New were beyond amazing. And I loved it.



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