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  • elm321


    maj 2012
  • emilperssonhej

    oh sick!

    mars 2012
  • emilperssonhej

    Hey man, where did you get the new jonwayne from?

    mars 2012
  • kristiecherie

    still got bdo tix?

    januari 2012
  • Tokage15

    Hi there! did you still have the OFWGKTA tickets?

    maj 2011
  • dylangerescape

    sorry, someone already snapped it up. thanks for the offer though!

    mars 2011
  • jlord


    februari 2011
  • StruthBruce

    Looks like I might have just missed out - but if you've still got those SW tix I'd take 'em off your hands. Cheers Ruthy

    februari 2011
  • mikeyPAB

    hey mate, Will buy those tickets off you man if they are still available. Let me know, Cheers, Mikey

    februari 2011
  • StruthBruce

    Hey Dude Thanks heaps for the offer of the tix - at this stage I'm good but MIGHT have some mates looking for tix. I'll hit them up tomorrow and get back to you. Cheers

    februari 2011
  • northern-spy

    Hey whats up! i see that you are a fan USA is a monster..Here is a free track from the USA is a Monster's final album: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/USAISAMONSTER/RIP/

    februari 2011
  • Spurck

    mmm, interesting library you got there downunder ;-)

    december 2010
  • TeamJash

    something tells me you would really enjoy this: http://www.mothernight.bandcamp.com

    november 2010
  • SuperEye

    Thank you for the link!

    juli 2010
  • lewishamish

    Who are all these new mates you have cash wolf?

    juni 2010
  • atroopofechoes

    Hi! What do you think of the album?

    juni 2010
  • MrBeatnick

    much respect, thank you so much for the kind words.

    maj 2010
  • powerpopsimp

    it was a post in http://arbroath.blogspot.com/

    maj 2010
  • kevthepoet

    If you're feeling Jay Electronica I hope you'll like my shit :-) He's the only MC that's talking about similar subject matter in a poetic way with a slick flow. Kev the Poet aka KP the Hip-Hop Bard http://www.last.fm/music/Kev+the+Poet+aka+KP+The+Hip-Hop+Bard Myspace http://www.myspace.com/kpknowledgeispower The SynchroFlowShow - youtube http://www.youtube.com/kevthepoet In a bit, in a piece, inner peace. One

    februari 2010
  • PrincessJess22

    Glad to hear you had such an awesome night, wish I could have gone!

    januari 2010
  • orgwell


    december 2009
  • closedmouth

    The ‘lyrics’ leading in to the final minute of this track are spoken by the British philosopher and theologian Alan Watts, taken from his series of lectures collectively entitled “Out of Your Mind”, in which he discusses metaphysical issues raised by Eastern religious philosophies.

    november 2009
  • fugginscrugg

    Them roaring twenties, chll pll. aweesssomeness.

    september 2009
  • elm321

    do you speak australian?

    juli 2009