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  • ambricourt

    not into the new incarnation of Destruction Unit. for me it's Self-Destruction of a Man (J. Reatard & Alicja Trout recorded this and play on it a little) and the My Disease 7" which is easily top 10 punk for me. you'd never guess it's the same band if someone blind-played that stuff for you. ugh im lame "i only like their obscure early stuff" it's true though!

    Igår 03:37 Svara
  • ambricourt

    i really like Human Eye if that counts

    3 jul 17:26 Svara
  • ambricourt

    also i think noise = a form of psych. it's modern psychedelia. way more "mind-manifesting" than any neo-psych-rock bands i've heard recently!

    23 jun 22:54 Svara
  • ambricourt

    i get his point too, especially with soundcloud and all, but it's like... a.) how much of that super-underground noise was really a musical "conversation"? he ran American Tapes on which he prolifically released stuff in editions as tiny as like 7 copies, i.e. pretty much just for a few of his friends. b.) most American Tapes stuff = basement improv jams, including and especially his dozens of solo projects. so he had a hand in pioneering that '90s home-recording-weirdo culture which he's now suddenly over because he discovered notes. i admire Olson but it just pisses me off and more than anything reminds me of some old guy in a punk documentary saying that the music died the second he lost interest in it - even though the kids are now discovering it for themselves and doing new, cool stuff. anyway, so you liked Slice Through or/in Glass Metal?

    23 jun 22:47 Svara
  • ambricourt what do you make of noise, and John Olson (of all people) saying it's "100% over" now because there's too much improv and not enough composition, and because it's no longer a cultish secret club? i'm not seeing any music journalism on this relevant underground topic!

    22 jun 04:51 Svara
  • ambricourt

    i was surprised by how poppy & pleasant it was. i had Robert Wyatt filed in my head as a really out-there avant-prog guy. tasteful, idiosyncratic jazz-rock. um.. i just realized it's a double lp and i only heard the first lp. i will correct that oversight shortly

    7 maj 23:41 Svara
  • ambricourt

    in addition to 'Anonym' the Vanity Records type Japanese late '70s / early '80s stuff is all worth checking out. preferably late at night. the 'Music' compilation on Vanity is another great release, very 'minimal wave' and extremely well-sequenced

    6 maj 17:03 Svara
  • ambricourt

    White Winged Moth, Tolerance - Anonym, Pink Reason - "Sixteen Years," TFUL282 - "A Lamb's Lulllaby," more Skullflower (you can never have enough) and other Matthew Bower projects

    6 maj 17:02 Svara
  • ambricourt

    Millionaires & Teddybears is solid. hadn't heard it before. thanks for the rec!

    5 maj 01:17 Svara
  • ambricourt

    hey there. nice to see Marjory Razorblade as someone's most-played album. it's about time for me to revisit K. Coyne and that album in particular. it's also nice to see a music reviewer who isn't afraid of the letter "I" :)

    29 apr 15:56 Svara
  • clearwaterlab

    What'd ya think of the show? Also, props on the eternal tapestry scobz, those guys are really cool

    7 feb 00:15 Svara
  • CzechOutPrague

    That Cale, Beefheart and Can in the top three. Flawless.

    28 jan 03:15 Svara
  • clearwaterlab

    Hey man! How goes it? I'm looking forward to Oneohtrix Point Never on February 5 at the doug fir and Real Estate on March 3 at the wonder ballroom. How about you?

    28 jan 00:47 Svara
  • clearwaterlab

    Glasser on wednesday at the bunk bar!

    28 okt 2013 Svara
  • clearwaterlab

    I've had one IRL /mu/tant encounter. At work, a guy in his early 20s comes in with his family. It was a day after RAM leaked, and he says "wow, what good music you're playing! Is this the radio or did you put it on?". I did, I says to this guy. "D-do y-y-ou browse any online music forums? Like /mu/ or reddit?" he asks. I say "haha n-n-oo..." So after a while he leaves, but asks for my number to hang. He gives me his and as he's walking out he asks me if I had sent him a text. I pretend to, then look at him and wink, saying "Sent ;) ". A big smile crosses his face and he blurts back "INSIDE IS YELLOW!" then leaves.

    25 okt 2013 Svara
  • clearwaterlab

    Ahh no I missed that show. Was it good? Was someone acting particularly special to be considered a /mu/tant?

    23 okt 2013 Svara
  • Newt_Valarcci

    I'd start with Of Queues and Cures

    29 sep 2013 Svara
  • Newt_Valarcci

    If you liked Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt, you should look into more music in the Canterbury Scene if you haven't already. Gong, National Health, Henry Cow, and Hatfield and the North are some of my favorites, but they're all mostly pretty good.

    28 sep 2013 Svara
  • Newt_Valarcci

    Nice taste

    27 sep 2013 Svara
  • AKarmaPoliceman

    hmm, probably damon and naomi. there were only around 50 people there so it was really intimate and they were fantastic :) how about you?

    13 aug 2013 Svara
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