• Free downloads from The Silver Wizard Project

    17 aug 2008, 18:14

    Psychedelic, new wave, gothic band The Silver Wizard Project have their demo available for free download as mp3s. Enjoy :)

    Track list:
    Psychedelic Fucking Machine
    The Lover's Plea
    She Lives in Trees
  • SpitFire Returns! Review

    20 jun 2008, 06:56

    Sat 14 Jun – SpitFire Returns!

    There's a review in the Tamworth Herald, which I've pasted below:

    After a lengthy absence, and with a new home, (Q-Zone) last Saturday night saw the welcome return of local band night Spitfire.

    Originally intended as a four band affair, unavoidable problems dictated otherwise.

    With boss Ben Croft suffering an injury, a planned Interstellar Burst acoustic set was scrapped so it was down to out-of-town band The Silver Wizard Project to open up the show.

    The band, who had travelled all the way up from London, played a well received and performed set of psychedelic folk rock, containing ancient poems revived from years gone by and other off-the-wall ideas.

    The combination of the theremin and violin gave a haunting depth to their sound and, as a whole, they produced something entirely different for a local show.

    Driven Like the Snow... were the second of the evening's three bands and, as DLTS's full-time drummer Jon had injured his hand, it took a late offer from Structures sticksman JC to take the weight and ensure that their obligation could be fulfilled.

    As usual, it was a very passionate performance with their politically-edged songs having a much romanticised undercurrent to them, emphasising the quality of Colin Brown's song writing.

    Closing their set with the dark, almost frightening Murder Ballad, Colin shouted and screamed those closing moments with such ferocity that it sent shivers down my spine.

    Guest appearances on Murder Ballad from Ian of Structures and Ittai of The Silver Wizard Project, on guitar and theremin respectively, only helped to boost the dark feeling of the song's macabre subject matter and provided a fine close to their show.

    Structures, whose recent Tamworth Battle Of The Bands performance saw them through to the semi-finals of the competition, took the gig to the next level.

    They followed everything that went before with a much louder and more intense set.

    The way the songs build up takes you on a musical voyage before finally crashing down - or maybe up - in an almighty crescendo and it's nothing short of stunning. With a little pause between songs, the audience were left to just take it all in.

    Structures' sound - with the use of various effects used on the guitar and bass, the tight-as-a-nut drumming, the thought process into the arrangement of the songs - comes together to make something quite special.

    So despite injuries taking a toll on the bill of Spitfire's first night in its new home and a few teething problems here and there with the venue, Spitfire is back to provide local and out-of-town bands a much needed platform to gain exposure for their music.
  • The Silver Wizard Project - Gig 21st February!

    28 jan 2008, 23:16

    The Silver Wizard Project

    21 Feb 2008, 20:00
    13 Long Lane, London, London and South East EC1A 9PN
    Cost : £6 / £5 with flyer

    We will be performing at The Dry Bar, 13 Long Lane, London EC1A 9PN (200 yds Barbican tube/Smithfield area). We will be on stage at 8pm.

    £5 entry with flyer from