current likes and loves volume 2


7 feb 2007, 23:49

I need
i just heard this song for the first time the other night and immediately loved it. great song by kandi, much much better than "think i'm not"

Something I Wanna Give You
this song made me giggle in some parts

i just love pitbull, any and everything by him, and i have no idea what he's even saying half the time. This song is my favorite by him though, very danceable

Tell Me
Come to Me
Last Night
i never would have thought i would add a diddy song to my favorites, i honestly can't stand him, but these are actually really great, but i'm thinking its because of the collabs.

tyrese is another one i usually can't stand but this song is really pretty.

Get Up
ciara is definitely not one of my favorite artists, but this song makes me want to get up and dance. love chamillionaire in it too.

Take Control
its funny, my current likes and loves are filled w/ artists that i don't particuarly like on the whole. I HATED amerie's song "one thing" so was surprised when i loved this one so much

Break It Off
i always enjoy sean paul, this song done w/ rhianna (or rihanna, however you spell it) is excellent

And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
amazing, absolutely amazing voice. all the hype about her is well deserved imo


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