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Om mig

Fabulous shuffle
hmmmmm,.... nicy, this
I'm one to get lost in music, just to put it on and let it soundtrack my life... upbeat, downbeat, leftbeat, rightbeat, all lead to my heartbeat.

Yey! I had this song rambling in my mind
malveroni !! - like a warm summer rainshower!!!

I'm a cartoon.You're a full moon
I belong anywhere but in between
Sends shivers down my spine
Do you know my language???
Sometimes we must recognize what we have got
Power, beauty, euphoria. Perfection. -
Simply amazing - surreal soundscape

skippidy dooo - ....
Make me wanna scream!
What more can one ask for?
tits are awesome

Two headed boy

this is so heartbreakingly beautiful

Chock full of B vitamins - mmm.............cake..................goooood
sometimes makes me cry
under 2000 listeners - beautiful x 7
We're all living proof that nothing lasts.
watch snow fall out of your bedroom window

makes me so happy and i have absolutely no idea why
it's always keeping me warm and smooth...
too epic for words - Insane! Love it!
Don't cry that it's over but smile because it happened.

Seriously , what other option do you have?
Hey, my name is Jackie. And people always mistake me for a teenager.


you're hear me? NUTS!!!
azeleah -- This is great....
sorry kids, car's on fire
i don't know what I have done, i'm turning myself to a demon
Man, I think I'm the coolest person in the world.
Now take a walk, take a rest. Taste the rest.
"Nancy wore green stockings, and she slept with everyone."
Always look over your shoulder!
I never understood people who only listen to select genres.

jcaulk215 ... one of the greatest!!!
gives me goosebumps
You can say what you want you're forgiven

--- Things Are What They Used To Be

The dive bar down the street from where I work has this on an old beat up Jukebox... It's also one of the few bars left in the US that you can smoke in. This is the kind of song you listen too over a whiskey with a smoke dangling out of your mouth, in a seedy bar with little conversation and even less lighting... This song is pain and beauty and everything wonderful about Tom Waits.
katekirkwood music at 360° yeah!!!

Gah! It's perfect!
I find it is most powerful when it comes on randomly in a playlist and Im not expecting it

blazing from start to finish

this just came outta nowhere

-She said burn
"Tell all my friends I have gone to the moon ... tell all my friends I will write them soon ..."
i don't know what I have done, i'm turning myself to a demon
yasmineabdullah --- this is so pretty, and relaxing

pederhorner great thing this one..

Fragility .. memory .. hope.

oh where's the time gone?

Watasha ahhh, i have no words for it
wrtlbrmpft !!!!!!!
Gotta love the ska trumpets!
People Are Strange
susiderkins - a good place to look to the future

spinnakerboy - yes...great.

i close my eyes for a while and force from the world a patient smile
ChocoSchmoco :::::yeahh yeah i like it