• Nowhere near as good as their 40 Watt show last year.

    22 jan 2013, 03:58

    Thu 17 Jan – Purity Ring, Young Magic

    Blah blah soundcheck/mixing blah blah energy blah sickness blah crowd blah blah

    Plus there were WAY too many high schoolers. Definitely the high schoolest show I've ever been to. Made me reevaluate my tastes, man.

    Did enjoy their Soulja Boy cover.

    And I did get to touch Megan despite her crowd aversion.

  • A Good Opportunity, But...

    14 feb 2012, 23:42

    Sat 11 Feb – Georgia Theater

    ...not what I hoped it'd be.

    I can't believe I'm about to type this, but I think I prefer canned MMW to the live version.

    Recordings seem to be the only place that "Where's Sly?" lives on, which is one of the largest reasons I like MMW.

    The three tore it up, especially Wood, as usual. What a champ! But for some reason I wasn't able to join them on their improvisational trips. It was kind of heartbreaking, being at a sort-of-rare show for a band I grew up on but not really clicking with them.

    I am glad that I went, but will stick with my inner machinations of MMW, the ones I've grown up with.