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Om mig

I was born and raised in Utah. I've been to both oceans. looked at the world from the top of the Washington Monument and the high mountain passes of Alaska. I've been through 35 states, lived in 10, including 9 years in Anchorage where 3 of my 5 were born. I've been through Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon territory. I was lucky enough to camp, fish and hike the Rocky Mountains while growing up. I know the best fishing holes. I grew up IN Yellowstone Park. Since age 6, I spent 5 to 10 days in the Park every summer, in TENT! I am a brother with bears. I have chased them, been face to face with one only 12" away, and had an 1100lb grizzly walk right over me while I was in my sleeping bag. That woke me up!

I am the boy from “Down in the Boondocks” –Billy Joe Royal, only now I am an older man; 63 going on 19. I work out at a gym 3 times a week and I am firm and hard. I am a cowboy hippie but don’t like country and western, I like psychedelic music, classic Rock and Roll, and classical chamber, baroque, and Renaissance. I have used marijuana since 1968. It is my medication. I keep my word. I help all people. My loyalty is like gold. I am a man of quality. I am an artist, a poet, and a WARRIOR!. You don't have to know how dance but must know how to enjoy the FEELING of BALLROOM DANCING. Peace....

I grew up with Spike Jones and Red Skelton (and I freakin' can't stand LOVE LUCY, because doing shit behind someone's back and lying were never funny to me even as a small child!!!) on the TV in the front room..... you silly kids. In the '60's Flintstones. Jetons and Top Cat were PRIME TIME TV entertainment. I grew up n the AGE of RETARDS! This is how life was before the Age of Aquarius.....understand...peace! And I am laughing.......and weeping a little. The Age of Pisces was more peaceful and simpler. More power to you young ones. You have all of the knowledge of mankind at your fingertips, like in the movies, Rollerball with James Caan and The newest Time Machine with Orlando Jones, going to the sources of knowledge. You don't have to make a pilgimage. The source is in your computers and cell phones. You carry around in your very own hands everything there is to know. STOP PLAYING GAMES! FILL YOUR HEADS WITH UNDERSTANDING, the treasure of this AGE of AQUARIUS!! I love you. Tears....

I was 21 and out of the Air Force in '68....and a flower child! Now I'm just a cowboy hippie. I lived what you kids just heard about. Oh yes, and my last name? .... Greenleaf! Wooohoooo! Pot is the medication to my being. I am born in a family NAMED Greenleaf. I feel it gives me the right to be a CRUSADER and WARRIOR on the subject. When folks ask where I come from, I say, "I come from where we draw a circle on the ground and declare whoever prevents me from using pot AND steps inside my circle, IS A DEAD MOTHERFUCKER! Peace. I am an authority on the so-called war on drugs! My family shed British blood in 1775 at both Lexington and Concord. Our family had 8 sons! Luckily revolution COMES BACK AROUND!!! Woohoooo!

Been lovin' these tunes since the tunes played on the radidio. I was a weather observer in the Air Force stationed with Minuteman Missiles. That and Country Joe McDonald's Section 43 from the Electric Music for the Mind and Body album changed me from a worm to a butterfly that can sting. Became a hippie and never turned back. Found pot after I was out and in college, over 21. Oh God! I cried as I felt normal and whole for the first time in my life. I will use this until you heal me or I die! I declared. I raised 5 kids for 17 years and have 11 grandkids who have never been clobbered. Sweet. Thanks SEEDS, what great fruit you made in me! Oh! And how about Manfred Mann's "Watermelon Man"?! I found the Seeds and Electric Music for the Mind and Body while I was in the Air Force. I got out in '68 and never cut my hair again. I'm a '60's flower child, had my own hippie pad where everyone sponged off of me (great training for becoming the father of 5 for 17 years), and today I'm a pot smoking grampa of 11 who have never been HIT. I was an orphan who was severely battered and lived my life with the PTSD strategies for coping of a four year old. It took 60 years to heal...I' feel much better now! 63 going on 19! Woohoo. Cheers, and more power to you!

Oh yes! I've been a fry baby since 1968, as soon as I got out of the Air Force. In the July of '91 I took 100 4-way hits!!!! It was divine! I took 15 on Monday, 35 on Wednesday, and 50 on Friday. Imagine all of the sweat in your body so MINGLED WITH LSD that whoso rubbed against you, held your hand, shook it for very long, or who kissed you or wiped your sweat on them......was sailing for the next TEN HOURS?!?!?!?!?! AWESOME to the ninth power!! Reason has not fled me, but the barriers that are everybody else's bubbles, boxes, and boundaries have. I learned where there ARE NO LIES! You too can learn that your own personal limitations cannot be set by what others THINK they know. Be free! Know you are natural and not the product or subject of any corporation or other LIES! Hail Timothy Leary!

I learned to play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on a four manual Church pipe organ, with my own frantic tarsals and dancing carpal phalanges. This is celestial harmony. Hearing it is such a thrill. But can you imagine something greater?! Making that noise with your own hands and feet is INTOXICATING! It goes just perfectly when you are lost in the music, but once self takes a thrill at making that glorious noise, mistakes creep in. That taught me truly that self gets in the way and the music is the most important thing. Peace. The old HIPPIE!

These aren't things I WANT to be or do. These are the things I have already DONE! I am a MOUNTAIN MAN, not a city boy. Wooohooooo!

I am a Scholar, a scientist, an artist, and a poet. I am erudite, eloquent, and articulate. I have a pencil sketch in the Anchorage, Fine Arts Museum under the name of David Mayfield, the name I had to use because I was an orphan. It was my step-family's name. I taught myself the alphabet when I was 4 and could read before I went to kindergarten. My favorite thing in life has been memorizing. I love to memorize everything. I was first published when I was 6 years old, an article demonstrating empathy at an early age. I built my first diode (crystal) radio when I was in the fourth grade and built my first transistor radio myself from a kit; 2 transistors. Transistors were invented the same year I was born. I had to solder the connections and every thing. When I was in high school, I built (from a kit) an high fidelity amplifier, to run my music.

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