A Slight Change of Pace


15 jan 2008, 02:29

I just saw a journal a moment ago in which someone listed at least one negative thing about his Top 20, and I happen to think this is a refreshing idea. It'll be nice to write something that's not gushing-fan-speak for a change, and a little constructive criticism is usually a good thing, no?

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Ummmm....damn, this is going to be tough. Well....let's skip this one.

2. Jay-Z

He has terrible judgment when it comes to signing other artists. He should let others judge talent, while he focus on doing what he does best. Oh, and please, no more duets with Beyoncé, ok? '03 Bonnie and Clyde was good, but every song that they have done since then has been an unmitigated disaster. Especially Hollywood. *shudder*

3. Rilo Kiley

If I ever hear another song like Dejalo from them, they will be deleted from my life. Not really...but please, just don't.

4. Coldplay

I thought X&Y was a great album, but nothing can surpass the genius that was Parachutes. I hope the sound of their next album falls closer to that of the beginning of their career, as opposed to more recent songs.

5. Meg & Dia

Stop touring all the damn time! Meg & Dia have literally been doing nothing but touring since I started to listening to them in '05. At the very earliest, it will be months before they can get into the studio to record new songs :(

6. Lil' Wayne

That faux Jamaican accent that he uses from time to time is a gimmick. A bad gimmick. He doesn't need it.

7. Amy Winehouse

Let's leave the blond tresses for the Playmates, ok? And come to the South and let us feed you some real food. I shouldn't be able to see your ribs AND your heart.

8. The White Stripes

I could either (A) freely admit that there is nothing even remotely uncomplimentary to be said about The White Stripes, or (B) sit here straining to think of something negative for 10 minutes and give myself a headache, before finally coming to the same conclusion. So...yeah, no complaints from me.

9. Tegan and Sara

Are You Ten Years Ago was a blight on an otherwise flawless album. Also, I completely respect the whole lesbian thing, but damn that is a waste of two little Canadian hotties.

10. Regina Spektor

If anyone says one negative thing about Regina, I will punch them with a brick. She's an angel.

11. The Like

See Meg & Dia. Being an artist means that you have to actually release new music from time to time, you know?

12. Kanye West

Not much negative stuff to say about this cat. Those window blinds/sunglasses looked a little silly.

13. T.I.

I thought that T.I. vs. T.I.P. was a clever idea...until I remembered that Cassidy had done the same exact thing a few years ago. And Eminem has dabbled in it as well. Furthermore, both of them did it better. All of T.I.P.'s stuff was great, but every song on the T.I. portion sounded the same (and boring).

14. Nelly Furtado

The new, glamorous and club-ready Nelly Furtado is great, but I can't be the only person who misses the original, folksy one. I'm not complaining that much, though. She's too talented to stick to only one genre of music.

15. The Decemberists

I'm drawing a blank, here. How about a negative thing about me? I don't listen to them nearly as much as I should.

16. The Strokes

They should have done a whole album with Regina Spektor, not just one song. This was a MAJOR mistake on their part. Also, if we have to wait years for another Strokes album (which seems very likely), it will make me positively distraught. Hahaha, positively distraught is an odd phrase, isn't it? What part of being distraught could be described as positive? Anyway.

17. Joss Stone

Her albums are always so inconsistent. Half of each one will be incredible, and the other half will be a forgettable bore. Let's hope that the next one will be strong from beginning to end.

18. Clipse

There's never been a better rap duo, or one that suffers from more frustrating delays between albums (which I admit, is hardly their fault). Anyone want to take a guess at how long it will be until the next album? I think another two years is foolishly optimistic.

19. Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins

I have a grand total of 15 unique Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins tracks. Add in all the live and acoustic versions, and I'm still looking at a meager 42 songs. That is simply unacceptable. I KNOW that they've written more songs, they're just too greedy and selfish to let us hear them. So very, very cold-hearted.

20. M.I.A.

M.I.A. is beautiful and unbelievably original. Which means that it's time for another negative about me, because she certainly doesn't bring many to mind. Hmmm...when my listening data was lost at the end of 2006, M.I.A. was in my Top 10 artists. A brief glace at my charts today reveals that she rests all the way down at number 20, despite the fact that she released an incredible new album last year. The shame, the shame.


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