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  • jeffblackisgod

    For a Canadian, you don't listen to enough Neil Young

    17 aug 2009 Svara
  • heeeraldo

    hey dude, you going to go to trail of dead? richards, march 13.

    31 jan 2009 Svara
  • heeeraldo

    it's not an actual thing; I just thought I'd sass you in as many fora as possible. a pincer movement of mockery, if you will.

    24 dec 2008 Svara
  • heeeraldo

    it appears I have exactly 800 more listens per month than you. game up, slackerface.

    18 dec 2008 Svara
  • Skeeter-

    It's trying to look like facebook. And failing.

    19 jul 2008 Svara
  • Skeeter-

    Mr.Mitch is a wise man.

    11 jul 2008 Svara
  • heeeraldo

    boo to that. perhaps use a last.fm plugin for the iPod? you should be able to get one here: http://www.last.fm/download/ I had one when I ran Windows, don't remember exactly which one, though.

    13 apr 2008 Svara
  • Cobhammar

    I really like the album as a whole.apparently they tried to make an album that you could really just listen to all the way through, and i think they did that. the highlights for me are she mine, get out the door, pills,demons,etc. ,cant get it out of my head, last fight, just sixteen, and spay.so basically the whole album lol. anyways, looks like we got similar tastes. besides VR, what do you like

    30 jun 2007 Svara
  • Cobhammar

    oh thats cool. i didnt know that. regardless, its still a kick ass song. what do you think of the new album?

    30 jun 2007 Svara
  • GG_NextMatt

    Vinyl is wonderful, I was lucky enough to get the NME with the Rag and Bone 7 inch. That song was written for that format.

    21 jun 2007 Svara
  • GG_NextMatt

    I'm sure I'll be able to find a copy of it, well I hope so at least. Does it sound amazing on vinyl?

    20 jun 2007 Svara
  • GG_NextMatt

    You bastard for finding it on Vinyl. Seriously though that is awesome and I am jealous.

    20 jun 2007 Svara
  • Gumboots

    If you're still interested you can have general admission ticket for forty bucks.

    14 jun 2007 Svara
  • Gumboots

    Yeah, I still have them. It's $80 for the pair. They're general admission.

    4 jun 2007 Svara
  • DolorousOnd

    ur @ ph4g lol!!1

    17 maj 2007 Svara
  • stripsearch00

    you listen damn good music, cheers ;]

    12 maj 2007 Svara
  • DolorousOnd

    hurr hurr

    10 maj 2007 Svara
  • tourischeva

    Great taste!

    2 mar 2007 Svara
  • SpazeAze

    Hey, here is a Recomendation! A brand new song from The Quill. The song is titled Rock And Roll Might Be Dead You can find more at The Quill or The Quill - Group Welcome and Enjoy! And i Love to hear what you think about them.

    13 feb 2007 Svara
  • restlessoul

    greetings!..nice avatar!!

    12 dec 2006 Svara
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Hi, I'm Mitch. I collect vinyls. I think pancakes are overrated. That's about all you need to know about me.

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