Anthems of Rebellion Story


4 jan 2011, 23:08

Upon arriving in MarkJansium, el Stampo realized that it was an oppressive, dance-forbidden society. His vision had turned out to be false. He saw the yearning in the commoner's eyes, he could tell they needed dance. He immediately whipped up a magnificent glitter cloud and wowed them with his super awesome dancing prowess, but no sooner had he done that, he was quickly arrested for crimes against humanity and thrown in prison to rot.

Tear Down the Walls, I, el Stampo wanted to do in my lonely prison cell. I am the only one that can hear the Silent Wars of longing to dance among the populace. I yell'ed at my captor that "We Will Rise in a dance party revolution. Dead Eyes See No Future because you are blinded by your servitude to your despot of a king." My Instinct of natural alternative dance techniques knew that the simple minded guard would be unconvertible to my plight. He must be following orders from the Leader Of The Rats, how unfortunate that mutated sewer rat has three left feet. Without dance in these people's lives, they only Exist to Exit. I was finally able to escape my darkened cell, mesmerizing my captors by glitter dancing to the 56th power, as I escaped I was Marching On a Dead End Road. As those Despicable Heroes, of the lord sewer rat tried to stop me, my pointy glitter star shot super glitter rainbow beams at them. It was now the End of the Line for mutated rat, his transgressions against dancing will be his downfall. I felt much Dehumanization when I entered his lair of filth. I danced to the Anthem of Lasha Tumbai, which in turn transformed the lord rat into a pile of glitter stars. We are all Saints and Sinners, I thought to myself when I continued my ambassadorial quest of dance.

Arch Enemy
Anthems of Rebellion
Angela Gossow
Michael Amott
Christopher Amott
Sharlee D'Angelo
Daniel Erlandsson
Per Wiberg
Niklas Sundin


  • wingkon

    Nice one :)

    11 jan 2011, 02:55
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