How I got into my top 20 (nullus)


15 jan 2009, 21:30

Post your top 20 bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. Nas
First: Street Dreams
Love: The Message
Current: Represent

2. Lil' Wayne
First: Tha Block Is Hot
Love: Hustler Musik
Current: yes

3. 2Pac
First: I Get Around
Love: Picture Me Rollin'
Current: Old School

4. Kanye West
First: Through the Wire
Love: Through the Wire
Current: Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi

5. J Dilla
First: Airworks
Love: Time: The Donuts of the Heart
Current: Make’em NV

6. Lupe Fiasco
First: Kick, Push
Love: Sunshine
Current: Sunshine

7. Little Brother
First: Lovin' It
Love: Hiding Place
Current: Away From Me

8. Jay-Z
First: Always Be My Sunshine
Love: Can I Get A...
Current: History

9. Ghostface
First: Apollo Kids
Love: Cherchez Laghost
Current: Ghost Deini

10. Skyzoo
First: Last Donut Tribute
Love: Last Donut Tribute
Current: True Romance

11. Devin the Dude
First: Lacville '79
Love: I-HI
Current: Kooter Brown

12. Prodigy
First: Keep It Thoro
Love: Keep it Thoro
Current: Genesis

13. Clipse
First: The Funeral
Love: Grindin'
Current: Mr. Me Too (feat. Pharrell Williams)

14. Outkast
First: Elevators (Me and You)
Love: Jazzy Belle
Current: Chonkyfire

15. The Roots
First: You Got Me
Love: You Got Me
Current: Clock With No Hands

16. Elzhi
First: Intro (The Preface)
Love: Save Ya (feat. T3)
Current: Talking in My Sleep

17. Talib Kweli
First: The Blast
Love: Memories Live
Current: Memories Live

First: All Caps
Love: Accordion
Current: Ballskin

19. Young Jeezy
First: And Then What
Love: Go Crazy
Current: Don't You Know

20. The Game
First: Westside Story
Love: Runnin' (feat. Tony Yayo)
Current: One Night (Produced By Nottz)
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  • mhunke

    i'ma have to do me one of these

    17 jan 2009, 20:12
  • sexyhiphophead

    the 1st song u heard 4m dilla was AIRWORKS??? what?? are ya kidding?

    23 jan 2009, 23:26
  • kwelity

    Naw....I just went w/ his first solo joint. I wasn't really sure which it actually was, but it was def from Donuts.

    27 jan 2009, 01:40
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