lyric game! [read&comment]


28 sep 2008, 23:36

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post a line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1. falling down in every way, letting go of memories, they float away, far away.

2. take your time and make this count, or awaken with regret, a life time of secrets, but would you kiss your mother with that mouth?

3. and i am certain i've become broken, bruised, and numb.

4. drama doesn't follow me, it rides on my back.

5. saw you the other day, you said my hair was brown and long.

6. life and history repeat and i will see visions vividly.

7. it's 4am, i'm waking up to your perfume.

8. trying to prove that i belong, trying to win approval from people that i don't know.

9. there's a pain in my chest growing strong with every heartbeat.

10. and i'll take this, drink this, do this, smoke this, fuck you, while we're somebody else.

11. from being true to being used is how we live, but you don't have to be like them.

12. day out, day in, it's the alarm versus me, and the snooze button wins.

13. stalking the girls i could never fuck, i mean, they're sluts, but it seems i lack that luck.

14. give me a shovel, you'll be amazed at how fast i dig a grave, baby, just to lay in it.

15. my foot to the floor, i will drive to the place where i can kick it with friends through the night.

16. well i know it's too late to crawl back to you, but i'm feeling so alone.

17. but my bottom lip along with the top one, too, is chapped and it's all thanks to you.

18. put it on display at the front of the yard on a stick decorated with a little pink bow, and a sign that says, 'her friends and family should've taught her more about love.'

19. i had a dream last night, we drove out to see las vegas.

20. my afternoon was okay, my evening was fine, but this night, i want it to be the best night of our lives.

21. this is the last time i crawl away on these broken knees.

22. i always knew that 2 and 2 made 3.

23. don't you get it? i made an attempt to piece it all together.

24. all i ask is that you'll be there when i return.

25. but she needs to follow the need to swallow pride to get to where she wants.

26. don't be, don't be so suprised, you are so cunning it's disgusting.

27. did it mean anything, does the boy with the ring know you bounce, bounce, bounce around?

28. it doesn't matter what you say or do, your ship is sinking faster than you're breathing.

29. you wear your heart on your sleeve, i throw mine to the sky.

30. tell me do you still have pieces of me, 'cause i'm not complete at all.

bands you're looking for:
Amber Pacific
Bayside [x3]
Between the Trees
Charlotte Sometimes
Cute Is What We Aim For[x2]
Forever the Sickest Kids
Just Surrender [x3][x2]
Mayday Parade
Monty Are I
My American Heart
Quietdrive [x2]
Scenes And Sirens
Secondhand Serenade
Signal The Escape
Sing It Loud
The Cab
The Matches
The Rocket Summer [x2]
We the Kings
You, Me, And Everyone We Know [x3][x2]


  • teh_erica

    6- The Rocket Summer - So, In This Hour.. 13- You, Me, and Everyone We Know - Dirty Laundry 15- The Rocket Summer - Brat Pack! 19- Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over 20- Between The Trees - Darling 25- Monty Are I - Metropolis

    2 okt 2008, 21:29
  • JustAStatistic

    12. the matches-papercut skins 17. cute is what we aim for-moan 27. forever the sickest kids-hey brittany!

    4 okt 2008, 02:13
  • madgradstudent

    18 - Bayside, "Dear Tragedy"

    4 okt 2008, 04:17
  • dgilmourfan

    8 - they looked like strong hands - bayside 9 - alcohol and alter/altar boys - bayside my fav band btw

    6 okt 2008, 20:17
  • tinasdfjklxre

    3. Raise From The Ashes- Quietdrive 22. Take A drink - Quietdirve

    7 okt 2008, 19:45
  • tinasdfjklxre

    7. Half alive - Secondhand Serenade

    7 okt 2008, 19:46
  • Aushie740

    10. You, Me, and Everyone We Know- Do it Again(You're not making me want to touch you) 14. You, Me, and Everyone We Know- Livin' the Dream

    14 okt 2008, 16:36
  • marlenemuffin

    5. Charlotte Sometimes *~

    22 nov 2008, 03:48
  • marlenemuffin

    Also, 23. My American Heart!

    22 nov 2008, 03:49
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