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Pharrell WilliamsHappy Lyssnar nu
DisclosureLatch [Feat. Sam Smith] 7 minuter sedan
Calvin HarrisSummer 11 minuter sedan
John LegendAll of Me 16 minuter sedan
Jason DerüloWiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) 18 minuter sedan
Sam SmithStay with Me 20 minuter sedan
Nico & VinzAm I Wrong 25 minuter sedan
Ariana GrandeProblem (feat. Iggy Azalea) 28 minuter sedan
Iggy AzaleaFancy (feat. Charli XCX) 31 minuter sedan
fun.It Gets Better Igår 16:10
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Om mig

i read because I want to know something. i want to be smart -- because Americans are fat, dumb, ugly and insane.

i love all types of art.
i have about 1,000,000 unfinished pieces that i WILL finish.

i'm a nerd, i love to read.
i love books that nobody else thinks to read.

studying for class is for losers and i don't do it.
i did get good grades. but 3 years at RIC was useless then I went to URI.
i was a comm major because let's face it, i don't know what i want
the economy sucks, i didn't get financial aide, couldn't get a loan i'm not finishing...yet.

i want to experience everything.
i'm working on living day by day.

i talk to anyone. there's no need to judge.
everyone has their own story.
i do anything for my friends.

music is LIFE.
indie, pop punk, & alt rock takes over the majority of my iPod
but i have a secret obsession with hip hop.
i love going to live shows.
i wish it was possible to meet Jim Morrison.
i want to learn how to play piano.
i ALWAYS have my iPod with me

i drank the Apple kool-aid.
i ♥ my MacBook.
i ♥ my iPhone 4.

my genes come with holes.
i always have weird dreams and nobody likes to hear them.
i live by quotes from lyrics and tv.
i hate cauliflower.
i hate brussel sprouts.
but i generally prefer healthy food.
ignorance is almost always bliss.
i miss rollerblading around my neighborhood with no purpose.
i love hanging out at the beach, day / night, summer / winter.
i like trying to skimboard.
i used to hate swimming in the ocean
..but i got over that this past summer.
i miss my bright yellow sunglasses.

i drink my drinks after i'm done eating with few sips in between.
i spend way too much money at Starbucks
grande vanilla soy chai is love.
Antonio's is my fave place in Providence.
sundried tomato and basil wheat thins are my favorite snack.
i always order crab rangoons at Chinese restaurants.

i wish i graduated from Tree Hill High.
i secretly wish i was Rachel Green or Peyton Sawyer.

there ain't no party like my nana's tea party.. hey.. ho

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