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  • MagdaGothic666

    :D and what a nice surprise to see a reply from you :) I need to remind you that I still exist on this planet because you forgot about me! A hangover? lol, I was at a great party two days ago, so I know that feeling :P But I miss some good concerts in my town, I need good big festivals here in Poland, so I waiting impatiently for vacations :) Have you heard about Enclose band? They're from your country. The vocalist takes part in reality television singing competition (called The Voice of Poland) and he's great!

    13 apr 14:30 Svara
  • wericklara

    Que onda carnal, pues ya no pude acceder no se por que :s y pues a empezar de nuevo jeje, saludos carnal!

    7 apr 15:55 Svara
  • MagdaGothic666

    Hello, it's me again! Our music compatibility is loooow, but who cares about compatibility, if we're both great, lol ;) How are you? :)

    6 apr 21:01 Svara
  • Kalacheva_n93

    thank guy, u have nice music taste too ;)

    24 mar 15:33 Svara
  • jacischneider

    Why thank ya!

    22 mar 19:09 Svara
  • Smoothuser

    Thanks for the shout! Already found a few bands I hadn't heard from your library. Also, check out if you haven't already. The song '29%' is epic.

    16 mar 16:45 Svara
  • jacischneider

    Yeah! I really like the new album, I get some heavy mewithoutyou vibes from it at certain parts. Glad you like 'em!

    15 mar 23:12 Svara
  • Element_X

    i don't know what day lol but i did post about them in the dgd shoutbox so i think you must've had it from there lol.

    9 mar 21:09 Svara
  • jacischneider

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to it! Have you listened to Old Gray at all? You'd probably enjoy 'em, similar sound to TMP

    9 mar 05:22 Svara
  • Element_X

    i'm glad you like them bro! didn't expect you knew about the cardboard swords lol. i think you checked the dgd shoutbox the other day?

    8 mar 15:12 Svara
  • jacischneider

    Haha awesome! I'm happy to be of assistance :)

    5 mar 00:46 Svara
  • Element_X

    ohhhhh lol and these guys too lolol. they're called 'this town needs guns'

    4 mar 20:16 Svara
  • Element_X

    haha i've got some more for you. here's 'gates' here's 'foxes' also check out these guys. and 'penfold', also check out 'empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) - what it takes to move forward'. and last but not least the cardboard swords. they're not exactly a lot like joie de vivre but i love the tune on this song. (also check out cardigan by them if you like this song) and the vocals sorta remind me of joie de vivre haha, but much simpler. the melody is great. 'YOU'RE NOT THE SAME BUT IT IS SO OBVIOUS'

    4 mar 20:15 Svara
  • Element_X

    sure thing brother. they're not EXACTLY the same (TAC--- i can't seem to find a band with that sound) however they had a side project called 'hundred hands' sounds a lot like TAC. also check out 'minus the bear' and 'pedro the lion'. for bands like 'joie de vivre' you can try 'christie front drive', 'american football' (these guys are legends), 'mineral' (check out &serenading by them). also check out 'the gloria record - miserere' ( and 'the gloria record - tired and uninspired' ( also check out the band 'athletics - why aren't i home?' ( also check out moving mountains' latest album. i forgot the name but it's pretty good. listen to their song called 'eastern leaves' it's an amazing track. here lemme hook you up. and yeah that should cover it up lol, hope you enjoy them brother!

    4 mar 20:08 Svara
  • iremembernothng

    hey dude! check out Author & Punisher, you might like them :o) he opened up for Phil Anselmo's solo band which is another good one, Phil Anselmo and The Illegals: Let me know what you think!

    4 mar 17:49 Svara
  • Element_X

    i just checked 'em all out and i liked all three of them! coincidentally enough, the one i like the most is the first one you linked, and the one i liked the least (but still liked, obviously) was the last song haha. thanks again! those vox from sleep city sound really similar to me.. i have no idea who it is. probably la dispute-ish? i dunno. i guess i'll come back to that one day haha.

    25 feb 17:33 Svara
  • Element_X

    oh wait i see that you already linked them to youtube. i'll do it after this episode i'm watching. :-)

    25 feb 15:53 Svara
  • Element_X

    and i used to listen to bayside a couple of years ago. just one song though i think. i might pick them up again and jam them sometime soon. thanks for the recommendation, i'll check 'em out soon enough! :-)

    25 feb 15:52 Svara
  • Element_X

    yeah i downloaded icarus the owl's s/t just a few days ago but haven't been listening to it all the way yet. just the first three if i am correct. opening track is killer. "THE FOREST HAS KIDNAPPED MY CHILD"

    25 feb 15:51 Svara
  • subtonal

    Thanks! I recently found out about Sianvar and saw you liked them as well as a ton of other great bands, and I was wondering if you might have any reccommendations of other unknown bands that have really high-pitched/feminine-sounding male singers such as Sianvar? haha, like, I love the singers of bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, Of Machines, Circa Survive, A Skylit Drive, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Chiodos, Art By Numbers, Pmtoday, Hail The Sun, Akissforjersey, I See Stars, The Mars Volta, The Blood Brothers, Foxy Shazam, etc. (those are just some of my favorite ones. i've at least heard most of the remotely popular bands with vocalists like these ha) I know it's a pretty rare thing to find bands with as extremely high-pitched vocals as most of those, but I feel like I've hit a dead end here, and there's gotta be some more out there somewhere. Genre doesn't really matter I guess, I'm just looking for any unknown bands in general with high-pitched/feminine-sounding male vocalists haha.

    25 feb 08:06 Svara
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