• A love story.

    26 mar 2010, 15:43

    I saw Vampire Weekend at the Riviera yesterday, March 25th. I think I may never recover.
    From the beginning of "White Sky," they blew me away. 19 songs later, I left the Riv on a cloud. It was perfection. Preppy, island music infused with something resembling indie rock- but to try and classify VW in any of these genres is selling them short. They are transcendent.
  • Why does the Aragon have to have the WORST sound in the city of Chicago?

    4 sep 2009, 21:14

    Tue 25 Aug – Modest Mouse

    Of all the respected venues in the city, this has by far the lowest quality sound. I was front row and it was difficult to even decipher what Isaac was saying, much less hear the songs well through their super shitty system.

    Despite all the technical issues; phenomenal show and a really great setlist. Personal favorites were 3rd Planet, Blame it on the Tetons, and Education. I want to see them again, as soon as possible.
    Disappointed they didn't play the Whale Song, though.