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5 jun 2008, 17:38

Once again, we added some charts on playground. This time they show the tracks and artists that were most frequently deleted by the community from their scrobbles. As always, feel free to let us know what you think!
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  • Dirklectisch

    If Radiohead is both the most played artist and third most deleted artist, they have even more scrobbles then the charts indicate.

    6 jun 2008, 08:24
  • greenthought

    Haha! This is excellent! Closet Britney fans!

    11 jun 2008, 15:16
  • discoBoyRyan

    I'm curious to know how these data were obtained. Can one reconstruct this list from the standard API methods, or are you privy to other techniques?

    24 jul 2008, 00:06
  • klbostee

    @discoBoyRyan: No, you cannot construct this list from our current API.

    24 jul 2008, 09:42
  • MikeManger

    Would be interesting to know what kind of numbers we are looking at; I'm guessing it is thousands?!

    25 aug 2008, 12:04
  • Kimik0

    In some way it makes sense that the most popular artist is also deleted often. I removed the few plays of Radiohead I had a few years ago because they were influencing the suggestions from too much (more 'mainstream' than I wanted).

    28 aug 2008, 21:38
  • SomOm

    Haha I love this chart!

    9 feb 2009, 22:47
  • bennok

    An interesting feature would be to have neighbours calculated from unwanted tracks rather than loved ones. I would loved to know the user who hate the same stuff I do!

    17 mar 2009, 21:36
  • ashleyvdiaz

    absolutly hilarious . so many deleted pop tunes

    20 jan 2010, 18:45
  • CuffytheLadycub

    Today, I noted that out of 5 pages, Lady Gaga was the most deleted. She appeared on every page and totally dominated the first 3 pages... As someone who is entirely unimpressed w/ Gaga, I find this more than slightly amusing. I wish we could get everyone's reasons for deleting.

    3 okt 2010, 14:27
  • Pale-Suzie

    I think this chart is very interesting, and more than just a little bit funny, personally I don't delete the songs that I listen to but am not very proud of, but I've been tempted. I would be interesting to see what reasons people give for deleting stuff, is it because they are embarrased by it? is it because it messes up their recommendations? or like me, because someone else has been listening to music on my computer without logging me off but seeing the numbers, how many exactly have delete this track? that would be cool. :)

    14 dec 2010, 14:39
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