• Albums you should love from 2012 according to Me

    19 sep 2012, 15:32

    I will keep adding albums as they release or as I listen to them. Newer entries at the top.


    HOLY CRAP, Dinosaur Jr. released a new album and it's so good. I am such a fangirl of You're Living All Over Me and Bug that I cannot help but love their new album, I Bet on Sky.

    Why do I love this album? Because who doesn't love some good grungey music with noisy guitar solos (and who doesn't love J Mascis's voice?). Call it fake nostalgia, or whatever, but these are my current jamz.


    Starting off with the obvious:

    The xx - Coexist

    Some people say it sounds exactly like the self-titled released a few years prior, some people say it's amazing. I'm with the latter.

    Song: The xx - Angels:

    A bit slow, but it works for them.

    Song: The xx - Chained:

    This one sounds more like their self-titled, and there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

    IMO, Coexist also makes for a great post-break-up album if you want to wallow a bit in sadness. "We used to be closer than this..." etc.
  • If I never hear these songs again, I'll die happily.

    23 aug 2009, 02:44

    In my recent sojourn to Las Vegas, I was a prisoner to radio-friendly 'hip-hop' and pop for six hours. It was an inhumane act and torturous to hear the same six damn songs over and over. I suggested we slip in one of my CDs. I believed that Chunk of Change is an accessible album. Apparently not since every track kept getting skipped to the next by the driver. So, I compiled a list of songs that I never ever want to seep into my ears again.
    For clarification, my mp3 is broken and I won't argue with the driver's choice of music.

    LMFAO - I'm In Miami Trick
    Okay, so it might have a catchy beat and it's not the worst on the radio at the moment (maybe somewhat funny), but my god. Have you ever listened to this song for over ten times within the same six hours involuntarily? Or how about over twenty times within a week span? No? Good.

    Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
    I got a feeling like I'm going to puke. I used to hold respect for these dudes and Fergie. I mean, even the video for Boom Boom Pow is kind of cool. I didn't even know it was them who sang this song until I looked it up. SIGH

    Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad
    Why? WHY? People rather listen to this than Cuddle Fuddle?! Don't get me started.

    Pitbull - Hotel Room Service
    Hotel, motel, holiday inn. Say that ten times and you just finished singing the song, I swear. And why is Holiday Inn the token hotel? It's not that great of a hotel. And why is it raining one moment and the next not outside the hotel in the video? And why am I catching myself dancing to this?

    3Oh!3 - Don't Trust Me
    So it's kind of cute how funny they are trying to be and I can sense some scene/hxc parodies in there, however they do realize that those people are the majority of their fanbase. Right?

    The Dream - Birthday Sex
    Is this going to take over the happy birthday song? I'm actually surprised that the video isn't so dirty. Sheesh, even I Gotta Feeling has some bare ass in it.

    I don't mean to sound like a music elitist/asshole and I know art is subjective. I am just stating my opinions. If I don't hear these songs again, I'll be happy.