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Eller se vad alla andra har taggat screamo

  Mahria Taggad mars 2014
  Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine Taggad november 2013
  Petit Printemps Taggad september 2013
  The Khayembii Communiqué Taggad september 2013
  Saetia Taggad september 2013
  Nothing Left to Grasp Taggad juni 2013
  Funeral Diner Taggad juni 2013
  Old Gray Taggad maj 2013
  Heaven in Her Arms Taggad april 2013
  Republic of Freedom Fighters Taggad april 2013
  Closure Taggad mars 2013
  Breakwater Taggad mars 2013
  Forstella Ford Taggad augusti 2012

Minneapolis, USA (1906 – nuvarande)

Taggad mars 2012
  William Martyr 17 Taggad mars 2012
  Navio Forge Taggad mars 2012
  Seven Days of Samsara Taggad mars 2012
  Shotmaker Taggad februari 2012
  Chalkline Taggad februari 2012
  Union of Uranus Taggad februari 2012
  Portraits of Past Taggad februari 2012
  Off Minor Taggad november 2011
  I Have Dreams Taggad oktober 2011
  Mihai Edrisch Taggad september 2011
  La Dispute Taggad september 2011
  Bravo Fucking Bravo Taggad september 2011
  My Own Private Alaska Taggad september 2011
  The Saddest Landscape Taggad september 2011
  Pianos Become the Teeth Taggad september 2011
  I Would Set Myself on Fire for You Taggad september 2011