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Kevin CrydermanIn All Sincerity Taggad december 2011
Kevin CrydermanSomersaults (slowcore post-rock) Taggad juli 2011
Kevin CrydermanLooking Glass Self Taggad mars 2011
Kevin CrydermanHome (classic folk ballad) Taggad februari 2011
Kevin CrydermanLimbo (1980s-style alternative acoustic pop) Taggad november 2010
Kevin CrydermanLimbo Taggad november 2010
Kevin CrydermanMaggie (pop-rock, basement tapes) Taggad november 2010
Kevin CrydermanBoxes Taggad november 2010
Kevin CrydermanNihilistic Twilight Taggad november 2010
Kevin CrydermanThe Next Big Thing (alternative acoustic pop, soft rock) Taggad oktober 2010
Kevin CrydermanWithout You Taggad augusti 2010
Kevin CrydermanThe Night Is Coming Down (bluesy bar band rock) Taggad juli 2010
  Dance Songs for the Clinically Depressed (10 låtar)
Kevin Cryderman
Taggad juni 2010
Kevin CrydermanParallel World Taggad april 2010
Kevin CrydermanCourting the Muse Taggad februari 2010
Kevin CrydermanCrawling After You (country folk innocence) Taggad februari 2010
Kevin CrydermanIn All Sincerity (ultra-mellow alt-folk) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanIcons (Dan Bern homage) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanHome (lo-fi indie folk, with tape hiss) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanPedestal (playful ascerbic folk) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanLetters from India (progressive folk) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanNothing to You (melancomic ballad) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanSomething in the Way (grunge ballad, re-written lyrics) Taggad januari 2010
Kevin CrydermanThe Star-Spangled Banner (The Times They Are A-Changin') (new folk twist on an old… Taggad december 2009
Kevin CrydermanVisions of the Daughters of Albion Taggad augusti 2009
Kevin CrydermanThe Only Thing (country pop) Taggad juni 2009
Kevin CrydermanFalling Down (solo acoustic raga rock) Taggad mars 2009