shuffle survey


12 sep 2011, 16:02

Put ur music player on shuffle....use the song titles as your answers

Story of your life...

What should they have played when you were born?
Good Morning Baltimore / Nikki Blonsky

What song will people play at your funeral?
Hurricanes and Suns / Tokio Hotel

What song will you play at your wedding?
Sea What We Seas / Never Shout Never

What song will you play at your 50'th birthday party?
Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow / Bullet For My Valentine

If you get your dream life...

What song will you dance to when you win the lottery?
Family Portrait / P!NK

What song will you play when you get your dream job?
He Said She Said / Ashley Tisdale

What song will you play when you discover your own island?
Brighter / Paramore

What song will you play when you rule the world?
When You're Around / Frankmusik

What song will you play when you're in heaven?
Our Solemn Hour / Within Temptation

What song makes you feel....
Watch TV / Rasputina

Don't Sleep In the Subway / Petula Clark

Again / Flyleaf

Bad Kids / Lady GaGa ; I don't like bad kids lol

It's the Little Things / Sonny & Cher

Potential Breakup Song / Aly & AJ ; lol

Live For Rock / TAT

Fences / Paramore

a trip into the sun / Eisblume

What song makes you feel like you're an armadillo?
Silhouettes / Herman's Hermits

What song makes you feel like you can fly?
Heaven's Calling / Black Veil Brides ; probably the most fitting? lol

What song makes you cry?
Fire & Rain / Cher

What song makes you feel like dancing?
A Boy Without A Girl / Frankie Avalon

What song makes you feel like being emo?
Second Hand Faith / Emilie Autumn

What song makes you feel like a donut?
Just Like You / Hannah Montana

What song reminds you of your childhood?
Good Clean Fun / the Monkees ; :D

What song reminds you that life sucks?
Blood / My Chemical Romance

What song makes you eat compulsivly?
Take Good Care of My Baby / Micky Dolenz

What song makes you nervous?
Andante In D, K 616 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What song makes you need to pee?
Nine Times Blue / The Monkees

This song describes...
Liar / Dragonette ; :(

Your mom
Memories / Elvis Presley

Your dad
Sellout / Never Shout Never ; sad! haha

Your best friend
Sister Sleep / Rasputina

Your stalker
Leather Pants / Little Kuriboh ; haha

Your school
Barabajagal / Donovan

Your life
The Climb / Miley Cyrus ;; hmmm
Your death
Home / She & Him

Your attitude towards life
For All We Know / the Carpenters

Hope u liked it


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