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Easy Star All-StarsDub It Älskad låt 17 jun 07:39
Easy Star All-StarsHuman nature (ft. Cas Haley) 17 jun 07:38
Mad ProfessorAsylum Of Dub 17 jun 07:37
Mad ProfessorWitches' Brew 17 jun 07:36
Mad ProfessorDub Service 17 jun 07:35
Mad ProfessorGerman Magic 17 jun 07:33
KankaNova dub 17 jun 07:31
RadioheadParanoid Android 17 jun 07:28
RadioheadNo Surprises 17 jun 07:23
RadioheadStreet Spirit (Fade Out) 17 jun 07:20
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  • loL-lipop

    oh :) wish you had a nice trip

    23 jun 16:36 Svara
  • khambrel13

    i'm chuffed you dislike my musical taste. pleasing your 24 year old interests is foremost in my thinking. seriously......

    30 maj 18:39 Svara
  • loL-lipop

    :) don't know why - cause it's definitely me more than you - but i still want you to check out: http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Telefon+Tel+Aviv/_/Life+Is+All+About+Taking+Things+in+and+Putting+Things+Out and http://www.lastfm.ru/music/John+Somers/_/A+Candy+Coated+Slow+Down

    29 maj 20:27 Svara
  • damarys_eira

    Blankets of Night was ok, but it didn't stirr me as much as Cold Front for example :-)

    16 maj 16:36 Svara
  • damarys_eira

    Hammock, yes! I wake up to it and I fall asleep to their music. I need serenity these days and Hammock is just right for my anxiety. Jeremy Soule too :-)

    16 maj 12:09 Svara
  • starfloka

    Nice to see my tracks here on your list :-) so happy you enjoyed! Slow Train Soul is something special.

    8 okt 2013 Svara
  • damarys_eira

    Thank you ;-)

    4 sep 2013 Svara
  • damarys_eira

    Stopping by to wish you a good day :-)

    3 sep 2013 Svara
  • Vorli

    Hehe, yup. I love the game. It's like it was made for me. The combat makes me rage at times, because my character focus lies on uhm... other things, but I can't stop and love it~ <3 The music is nice, too. Spending some time in the clubs, as well, heh. I'm doing fine so far, thank you. What about you?

    10 aug 2013 Svara
  • Vorli


    21 jul 2013 Svara
  • cnycncnycn

    Bear McCreary gördüğüm için soruyorum; diziyi izlemişsindir ama BSGO oynuyor musun?

    6 jul 2013 Svara
  • loL-lipop

    so genuinely... i do appreciate your words ^_^'

    5 jun 2013 Svara
  • Vorli

    Hey there, thanks for coming by again. Yeah, well... I'm more in a serious mood as of late. Don't really know why...

    30 maj 2013 Svara
  • mayaberlin

    hi n welcome * cheers from berlin *maria

    16 jan 2013 Svara
  • starfloka

    well, we have SUPER compability :-)

    21 nov 2012 Svara
  • Vorli

    I see - well, walking on water is a piece of cake. And after we're done with that, we'll take a flight on Valefore. :3

    10 aug 2012 Svara
  • Vorli

    Hello there. Thanks for the request, - I just accepted. What do you mean with fast? I'm a little bit confused, I must admit. The suggestion you made has left a good first impression - I'll hear into that. :3

    9 aug 2012 Svara
  • HappyAmputee

    Hello random stranger, thanks for the anime movie suggestion, and for taking the time to look through my "about me", which no one seems to read. So once again, thanks.

    18 jul 2012 Svara
  • red-green-blue

    Hello and welcome to our group. Please leave some recommendations here or leave a few kind words in our shoutbox. Thank you!!! :-)

    17 maj 2012 Svara
  • cnycncnycn


    20 jan 2012 Svara
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