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  • pidekin

    Thanks for the music friendship.(^^)

    1 jul 16:18 Svara
  • homomortti

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    24 jun 19:09 Svara
  • homomortti

    toi oli kyl iha hyvä, mä myönnän mipsusein!

    24 jun 18:59 Svara
  • diah_

    Yeah, yet I'm still in formation, i hope I'll be choose. It's for apple care support, I'm in my second week, I'm tired but well I really need money. Owww I like 4minute, good you liked. How are you?

    17 jun 19:58 Svara
  • diah_

    Yeah I can say now that i got a job, going to start in June, i'm so nervous but at least I can gain some money to my stuff and to help my parents. I'm fine, enjoying my last days without doing nothing. ahah and you?

    28 maj 17:34 Svara
  • diah_

    Ah I did nothing special. Sorry for just answer now, last week I went for a row of interviews to get a job it was stressful, but it's over. How are you?

    12 maj 22:05 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Coldplay's new single <3 Are you going to Dublin alone by the way?

    1 maj 23:16 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Didn't you have like 98,800 two days ago!

    1 maj 13:51 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Oh gooooooood you might win!

    30 apr 22:27 Svara
  • hysteresia

    First one to 100,000 ;)

    27 apr 22:46 Svara
  • hysteresia

    We have almost exactly the same amount of scrobbles :')

    26 apr 12:32 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Did you get a ticket! Or what happened? It was today, right? Haha, yes, five days is a long time, especially when you haven't camped before! But I trust my friends to take care of me ;) Are you going to any festivals and stuff?

    26 apr 12:31 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Well that place takes about 800-1000 people maybe? Yeah, we're camping! Five days! I've never camped before so it's gonna be scary... haha!

    24 apr 21:42 Svara
  • hysteresia

    I didn't even get which ones cost that much haha! Maybe the ones where you got to "meet the band"?

    24 apr 21:27 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Maybe you can buy normal tickets too, I could look it up. It's called Rock Werchter and it's in Belgium! I'm going with Michelle and the couple I was with in Oslo if you remember them, the ones with the car. And also Marcus who went to Biffy with us if you remember him, and I think Cath is going too... haha. So all Musers!

    24 apr 21:26 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Haha omg I checked tickets now and they're expensive! I'm used to like 250 SEK at that place, at most. They were like 500! And no I don't think they send them abroad, but I always just buy an e-ticket and print it. I don't even know if you can buy it in any other way haha. It's just a club, not like a "normal" concert. By the way, did I tell you I'm going to a festival this summer and that Biffy are playing there? I also know now that Michelle will see them in Dublin ;)

    24 apr 20:42 Svara
  • diah_

    eheh Hope you enjoyed your easter holidays

    24 apr 13:29 Svara
  • hysteresia

    Are you seeing 4minute here! I saw they're playing here and then I saw your name there haha! I don't think I've ever listened to them though, but I know their name hehe

    23 apr 18:28 Svara
  • diah_

    Here it's 28º but I heard that it's raining tomorrow and I really hate fickle weather and also I'm so tired and you?

    13 apr 22:53 Svara
  • diah_

    Here it's super cold bit it's normal. I'm so tired these days, i think I'm sick and you?

    2 apr 12:58 Svara
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