• I haven't synced my ipod in over a year.

    20 sep 2009, 10:26

    I fear that if I do it now, something electrical will explode or at least smoke and smell funny.
  • s'been a while / Joe

    13 jul 2007, 16:43

    I was studying abroad for a semester with Semester At Sea. In the spring of 2007, my life got way cooler.

    Most of the people on the ship were jackasses to the extreme. Absolutely. I mean, honestly, out of a student body of 702, you'd expect at least five percent of them to be awesome. Noop.

    One person who was awesome was Joe, the videographer for the programme. His job was to record footage of the ship, ship life, the countries we visited, etc etc. He was one of the relatively few people I enjoyed talking to, or listening to. He reminded me of David Cross and his cynicism was spectacular.

    Doing what he does:

    Anyway, I was in a random fucking fabulous mood on the day that happened to be his birthday, so I pulled a few songs from my ipod and made a mix I thought he'd enjoy. It only took a few hours to find and organize, and I didn't know too much about what kind of music he listens to, so it wasn't amazing. I put it on his cabin door, anonymously. The next morning, he came up to me and said "thank you."

    It looked like this, and that's probably why.

    A few days later, while we were talking, he said "I finally got a chance to listen to your cd and I was actually surprised. You put some stuff on there that I really like, and you don't know anything about my tastes. Good job."

    It made me happy.

    The Playlist:
    The Passenger - Iggy Pop
    Nietzsche - The Dandy Warhols
    Waiting Room - Fugazi
    Bone Machine - The Pixies
    Electric - Boris
    Ccec - Autechre
    Clap Hands - Tom Waits
    They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
    Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) - Ween
    I'm Your Man - Nick Cave (Leonard Cohen cover)
    Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
    I Can't Get Behind That - William Shatner with Henry Rollins
    Le Jour D'avant - Yann Tiersen
    Blue Flowers Revisited - Dr. Octagon
    Vordhosbn - Aphex Twin
    Teardrop - Massive Attack
    Bad Penny - Big Black
    Wasting Away - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    Missing My Son (spoken word) - Tom Waits
  • ASMZ + BOO

    1 aug 2006, 17:56

    I saw A Silver Mt. Zion and Black Ox Orkestar last night in Philadelphia at the First Unitarian Church (half-funny, considering what an incredibly show it was, especially Black Ox).

    It was really, really hot. Even the scene kids were sweating.

    Though it was a very well-performed show, I was somewhat disappointed that every song ASMZ played had lyrics because this meant that pretty much none of my favourite songs were played. They played some new songs and I see that they're getting progressively wordier.

    However, it was a great show and well worth sitting on the uncomfortable church pews (The last time I was at the Church, Do Make Say Think and Noxagt were playing in the basement and I fainted). They ended on a song that was nearly a half an hour long and very well performed. I believe it was the one called "One Million Died To Make This Sound."

    Uh, I also believe I formed somewhat of a schoolgirl crush on Jessica Moss, one of the violinists.
  • mix for Mr. Bujak!

    17 jul 2006, 05:08

    I tend to have trouble making cds for people with brains. Hopefully, Nicholas won't be displeased.

    and if he is, well... he can whine I guess.

    To Nick:

    My Man's Gone Now - Nina Simone
    It's Not Your Fault - The Boats
    Lying in the Street - Mrs. Pilgrimm
    Salt - Mugison
    Camelia - Buried Beds
    Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor - Eels
    Alameda - Elliott Smith
    One Day - Petra Jean Phillipson
    Haunted by a Freak - Mogwai
    You Are My Sunshine - Johnny Cash
    Baby Bitch - Ween
    Ballad of Paula and Sheila - Mason Jennings
    Lordy - Low with Dirty Three
    A French Galleasse - Rachel's
    Halfway to the Handshake - The Roots Of Orchis
    Satan Was Way Cool - Beck
    Francis Locrius - Bablicon
    The Charles C. Leary - Devendra Banhart
    Fabulous Muscles [Mama Black Widow Version] - Xiu Xiu
    Make it Hot - Mirah
    The Recognition Scene - The Mountain Goats


    It's a pretty mellow cd, ah? Before, it was way different. Honest. Then I went to visit him and it was raining the entire time I was there. When I came back home, I pretty much gutted the entire tracklisting and replaced what I'd originally put together with low-pulsed, rainy, nap music. Funny how that happens. I guess. Not really.

    PS, I admit the song I chose to end with is kinda cheesy considering our situation to come, but you don't have to say anything, partly because you probably don't know the situation, and mostly because, well... chances are I don't care what you think.

    jay/kay lolz, I do care. Your mother and I both care very much.
  • shit.

    10 jun 2006, 09:20

    listening to No Other One at 5am really brings back some memories from being 14.
  • why does my time-wasting bullshittery need a title?

    19 maj 2006, 23:37

    Dear Journal,

    Yesterday, I received my tickets to see A Silver Mt. Zion at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on 31.June.06. Ah yes, yes this is indeed a mighty good feeling.

    Also, yesterday, plans were made to go see Dick Dale in the same city with a couple of friends in couple of weeks. This tingles, Journal. I've been listening to Dick Dale for over a decade. I need to see him before he dies, or I die, or anyone related to making my seeing him happen dies.

    There's an open bar Diplo show at the Mummers Museum at some point next month. Alcohol, trip-hoppery, the goddamn Mummers Museum... I tell you: only good can come of this.

    That's all for now.


    PS I really like Johnny but don't tell anyone -- I don't want the whole internet finding out! I mean it, Journal!
  • Grab the drums by the waistline

    13 maj 2006, 22:40

    Heh, I feel kind of... terrible... saying this, but Rape is a really, really good song.

    Remember listening to I Used to Love H.E.R. and thinking, "awww?" Yeahhhhh... a tad more incredibly sexually violent, this one.

    I sort of have my guesses on the ending differences between dates with Pharoahe Monch and Common.

    ...I mean, if you were a song.

    In other news, I bought Silver Mt. Zion tickets, yesterday. Yayeah.
  • I did this mostly because Wolfie did.

    4 apr 2006, 00:32

    his was better.


    Choose a band or artist and answer only in song titles by that band.

    Artist: Ween

    Are you female or male: Voodoo Lady
    Describe yourself: Good Bad Happy Sad
    How do some people feel about you: I Got No Darkside
    How do you feel about yourself: Common Bitch
    Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Zoloft
    Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: God In My Bed
    Describe where you want to be: Living Together
    Describe what you want to be: The Mind
    Describe how you live: Now I'm Freaking Out
    Describe how you love: Transdermal Celebration
    Share a few words of wisdom: Don't Shit Where You Eat
  • Hey guys, let's cry together.

    26 mar 2006, 00:29

    Two albums that have always helped me or helped me indulge in/embrace reactions to bad times are In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and Sea Change. The latter, I suppose, is a little more obvious, but, I guess it's also a little more all-purpose.

    These are albums in which lyrics or at least some sort of voicing of emotions are important. There's something missing from obviously emotional albums such as He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corners of Our Rooms or... I guess anything by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

    ...And though artists like Radiohead and Iron & Wine are, yes, very good and notably disheartended and so on, it's not nearly the same and couldn't possibly feel as intimate to me.

    Sea Change feels so personal to me. I'll make the pretentious yet overused statement that I truly feel that logic is the only thing keeping me from believing that Beck wrote that album in reaction to my very own emotions. It strikes me so deeply and fits so well as the audible backdrop to most lonely and disheartened states. The sound of the first chord of The Golden Age has its very own emotional and physical responses in me. I feel I'm trivializing it making this comparison, but I suppose it's the feeling one gets when flipping open the lid of a brand new pack to see twenty much needed and long awaited cigarettes {or in my case, pouring the drink). I rarely even think about Beck while listening to Sea Change, and can't remember the last time I listened to the album for the purpose of simply admiring it in contradistinction to utilizing it therapeutically.

    I hate sounding all, "Maaaaan, that album speaks to me."

    With Neutral Milk Hotel, it's slightly different. It's not so much using Jeff Mangum's music and lyrics to cushion my mood and help me repair as it is similar to watching someone else's struggles for the purpose of idly comparing them to my own for my own comfort, or preferring the company of one of your more intelligent--and almost accordingly, more troubled--friends because you simply cannot sit in silence right now and prefer a co-existence with him/her to that of the acquaintances you know will never be able to help you in your dareker periods despite their nearly scripted, predictable, Hallmark-card/this-is-how-friends-act-on-television attempts to make you feel better.

    I don't believe I was very clear in that last paragraph. Don't get me wrong; it certainly is somewhere along the lines of misery loving company. I guess it's just... a misery loving a very specific kind of company, whose problems are not similar, but whose expressed loneliness seems parallel.

    ...I swear to fucking christ I'm not emo.
  • Hooray for musical hand-me-ups

    12 feb 2006, 20:13

    Simon & Garfunkel fans must've had lots of respect for the performers' music. I find it hard to believe I'm listening to live recordings because it's so clear and I simply can't hear any background noise. I remember watching something on television about how, at their shows, the audiences would remain silent during performances, especially...uhh... at a certain one on a certain date at a certain venue, all details of which escape me. I'll figure it out and come back to amend this entry to make it seem like I knew it all along, though. No worries.

    When it comes to Simon & Garfunkel, Johnny Cash, and some of the other , , and artists we both share esteem for, it's kind of comforting in a lame, Kodak moment kind of way to listen to them with my mother considering she's a mild and God-fearing choir lady and I'm a feisty young liberal who likes to use run-on sentences. It also gives me a peculiar feeling to expose my mother to even well-known artists of her time like Leonard Cohen, to whom she should have been exposed in her twneties, but instead was consumed in her /.

    I mean, hah, think of someone you know who just isn't into music that much but is consumed in, for the sake of cliché, only political science or building computers. Yeah, say you know a young Bill Gates, too consumed in some obsession or another to expose himself to today's music. Imagine that person going to college, grad school, working at some firm, having kids, and then one day having one of those kids introduce him to Massive Attack or Blur, or fuck, I dunno... Ghengis tron. That's gotta feel strange.

    My mother enjoys Leonard Cohen's voice, but never heard of him and thought maybe I forgot how to say Bob Dylan when I was trying to describe him to her. I bet she would have fallen for him via his records as a young'n. Okay, maybe not; maybe that was me, but, what if she would have? ...why is this so important to me? I'll stop now.