• This and that.

    11 mar 2007, 17:52

    I saw Tunng on Thursday. Here's Becky with her melodica.

    They don't let her speak much "because she's from Streatham".

    They were outstanding, as ever. It was very different from last time I saw them, at SONAR, in a tent, which was full of people out of their heads and dancing. This was at the Purcell Rooms, all seated, and some pillock tried to SHUSH David and I, even though the music was extremely loud. Our curry dinner meant we missed the support act - The Modified Toy Orchestra - which was a shame as the man from TMTO came on with Tunng for two songs and played his modified toys, and it was really quite excellent. Crazed electronic sounds - reminded me a little of Jamie Lidell in some odd way for the extreme "liveness" of the electronic tweaking.

    Last night was quiet at the pub but I still had a lovely drunken singalong to Waterloo Sunset and It Must Be Love at the end.

    Radio show was fun yesterday too. Tim helped me by co-presenting, and I think he was very funny. The studio speakers weren't working though, hence a couple of fluctuations in volume.


    Part 1 and Part 2. Again, login=nice1 / password=s0rted (with a zero not an o). I'll post some sort of tracklist when not in hangover hell.

    Also I'm pleased to say I've done some music of my own this week. Inspired by the girls from CSS singing the first line of Off The Hook - "why is that we stand so still?" - over and over and over in soundcheck, I've started on a wonky remix / re-edit / new track with samples from the song. Here is the work in progress.

    wonky acidy thing (same login / pw)

    I've also sampled the chorus with its Beach Boys harmonies etc, but I'm thinking I'll save that to the end, so the track is all relentless build up, with the chorus saved for the money shot at the end. Anyway, what do you reckon?
  • Last week musically

    10 mar 2007, 00:06

    It's been a busy one.

    Last Weds I had a very last-minute trip to spend 24 hours in Belfast with Cansei de Ser Sexy who proved to be both brilliant on stage and a delight to spend time with. I had rather ignored them for the last few months in a kind of inverted snobbery because the hipsters were all over them and I smelled too much hype - how wrong I was. People like them because they are just the biggest fun, and proper pop music. There's nothing like going as far out from London as possible to see a band play to a crowd who react without all the contrivance and scenesterism of the capital. The audience was very mixed - though mostly young enough to make me feel well decrepit - and sang along to everything and surged and pogoed in all the right places. Though there was grief with cancelled flights, sponsors allowing photographer access etc, it was a damned fun bit of work.

    Driving back from Gatwick the next day, CSS's single 'Off The Hook' came on Radio 1, followed by Gossip 'Standing In The Way Of Control', and, hungover but happy, I had a giddy pop rush. Friends of mine have been saying "oh who will remember the Gossip in a year's time, yadda yadda, it's all about Nick Cave's Grinderman album, grumble grumble". I don't know if I'm in denial about my age or something but - though I like Cave - if it came down to the wire I'd pick Beth Ditto's bolshy pop holler every time. Look.

    On Friday I interviewed J Mascis. It was a short piece and I could've done it by phone but 'Freak Scene' and the whole of 'Bug' were such big records for teenage me that, as he was actually in town, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet him. It didn't disappoint. He looked like a big stoned egg in a wig, talked incredibly slowly in a deep voice and talked knowledgably about the decline in later series of Dawson's Creek.

    After drinking whisky and gin in Soho, I met Tash and Catherine and went to New Cross to see Mira's great band the Duloks who are currently auctioning sponsorship space on their hotpants in the hope of raising money to get to Singapore to play a festival, and who dedicated a romantic song to Moggy and I. The band that followed them, The Walk-Off- - were a great surprise - a unusually sucessful combination of drum & bass and thrash/hardcore with a big slightly Sean Ryder-ish bloke on screaming duties. Drunk beyond the point of reason, I danced a lot to their set, including an interlude of violent wrestling with one of the band's friends in the absence of a mosh pit. I'm sure it was grotesquely undignified but I felt rejuvinated. I'm going to remix both Duloks and The Walk-Off.

    Saturday morning I did my radio show. ...for both, login = nice1 / password = s0rted

    p1 features Infinite Livez / Philie-T & Andy / Daedelus / Box Codax / Bonzo Dog Doodah Band / / Andy Stott + James Joyce / Efterklang / FlyKKiller / something I can't remember + Charles Bukowski / Nigel Burch and The Flea-Pit Orchestra / Kenneth Bager & Julee Cruise / Yppah / Birdengine / and Nas.

    p2 features Arab Strap / Box Codax (yes there is a Scots thing going on) / something pianoey + Katrina Naomi / Lambent + Knid / Senor Coconut + Ricardo Villalobos + Wilhelm Reich / The Memory Band / James Yorkston / Skream & Warrior Queen / James Yorkston + Kode9 / Leonard Cohen / The Television Personalities + Battles / Tonto's Expanding Head Band + some thing I found on the interwotsit / No Man

    I was very hungover so the links are just stupid and - particularly at the beginning - very very messy, but there's some alright stuff in there. If I practice my BBC English and make sure I'm a bit more alert next week, it could be alright.

    Saturday night down the pub was great. A guy had chosen to have his 30th birthday there because he always has a laugh when I DJ, which was about as gratifying as it comes for a suburban pub disc jockey. It was packed out. Particular good moments were had with World Of Twist 'Sons Of The Stage', 'Planet Rock', 'Pretty Vacant' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye'. So pleased as the last week was much harder work; this'll give me some momentum for a while. Might even start flyering for it. Then the next scheme is to try and do a night playing electronic/dance music. I've been offered the Dogstar on Friday 13th (!) April... if I get enough people together to DJ it could be a laugh.
  • "Pass The Dust I Think I'm Bowie"

    30 jan 2007, 08:25

    Just a short post to kickstart the return of Suburban Disco.

    Could there be a better gay punk album title than this?

    Black Randy and the Metrosquad

    It's the most obscure and lyrically brilliant record; I mention it because it's downloadable here... This weekend I have mostly spent trawling the incredible MUTANT SOUNDS and FM SHADES mp3 blogs, which are packed with full albums, and which if you've got any curiosity about psychedelic / garage rock / post punk / early electronic extreme raritites will give you hours of pleasure.