• Next mission; one million songs scrobbled.

    21 okt 2008, 00:44

    During five years here on my play count is up to 250000 songs. That means that I've got 15 more years left until I hit one million songs.

    Wish me good luck.
  • Someone else ... scrobbling for me? These are not my tracks.

    12 okt 2008, 02:54

    Issue closed, my brother in sweden had started to listen to music on my old computer. At least its cool to see that the old Audioscrobbler plugin for winamp.

    So today, when I was drinking beer, getting ready to go out, decided to listen to some music and also check on I saw that there was a couple tracks in my list that I know for sure, 100% sure I haven't listen to.

    How these tracks ended up in my tracks/listened/scrobbled list a mystery to me. The only solution is that on one of my old computers soooome where in the world my account is still active. I guess it's time to change my password.

    The stranger issue is why aren't the tracks I'm listening to right now not showing up, the client and log is saying that everything is/got submitted correctly. During my soon to be 5 years as a Last/Audioscrobble user I had no issues and admire the site. I wish someday that I might provide my skills and knowledge to making it better, being a web developer I might have something to contribute.

    See below for the tracks.
    Bruce Dickinson – Kill Devil Hill 4 hours ago
    Play The Hellacopters – Pride 4 hours ago
    Play Guns N' Roses – Welcome to the Jungle 4 hours ago
    Play Flogging Molly – With a Wonder and a Wild Desire 4 hours ago
    Play Bruce Dickinson – Devil on a Hog 7 hours ago
    Play Guns N' Roses – Welcome to the Jungle 7 hours ago
    Iron Maiden – The Legacy Yesterday 7:25am
    Play Flogging Molly – Queen Anne's Revenge Yesterday 7:19am
    Play Ramones – Psycho Therapy Yesterday 7:16am
    Ted Gärdestad – För kärlekens skull Yesterday 7:13am
    Play Rainbow – Light in the Black Yesterday 7:07am
    Play Airbourne – Girls In Black Yesterday 7:01am
    Play UFO – This Time Yesterday 6:58am
    Ramones – Indian Giver Yesterday 6:49am
  • 200 000 songs is a long time.

    21 okt 2007, 19:44

    .. very long time, it's crayz, but then again I've been a member of since, Dec 2003, soon 4 years of music taste collecting. Insane.
  • 40 000 Songs.

    10 nov 2005, 01:18

    So, Im there, 40 000 tracks played and counting.. strange feeling, 'Have I really listen to 40 000 songs ?!?!

    Anyway.. I will keep using as, and keep submitting songs...
    And it's not about the amount of tracks it's about the tracks Im dancing to :)

  • Soon 2 years on AS.

    8 nov 2005, 06:15

    Oh gosh, has that been so long already, I remember when I was on irc and talking to RJ about development of the site.. he..

    Anyway, Im soon breaking my 40 000 tracks played line also.
    It's fun to share my taste with others and get inspired by others taste in music.

    The world is truly blended. :)