• Top albums of all time

    9 apr 2012, 01:33

    This will forever be a work in progress. It is in no particular order, although it might one day be, but probably not. And hey don't judge, because this is my taste... Not yours. And you chose to come here.
    O'Death - Outside
    Don't be scared off by the name of the artist, or the album artwork. This album is beautiful.
    The Antlers - Hospice
    This album... This is one of the first albums to really get me into real music. Along with the above these two are among the first.
    Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
    I have been listening to Modest Mouse even before I went into the deeper side of music, but I could never really like this album, although I listened to it more and more, and I eventually liked it, and now it is the album that really sticks out to me.
    Sigur Rós - ( )
    Most people seem to prefer Ágætis byrjun over this one. I never understood why. Once again I knew Vaka before, but I never once thought to look into the full album, or anything else by them. I think I was scared that the rest of their stuff wasn't going to be nearly as good. I was wrong. Almost all of their stuff is just as good. This is possibly my favourite album of all time.
    Moby - Wait for Me
    I found Moby when I was cleaning up someone's house because they were moving out. I got a collection of about 50 CDs, most were pretty crappy, but I really liked Moby. Also The Bends was there in that collection, but so was Hanson, so it was quite a mix of good and bad.
    Arkells - Jackson Square
    I saw these guys live at a music festival once. It was there first headlining show and there was another 12,000 people there. Me and a few friends were front row, and none of us really had any idea what to expect, we ended up loving them, and I listen to them all the time. I hope to see them again this year.
    Daft Punk - Discovery
    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger was my childhood, and then I thought about it and the lyrics seemed to be vulgar, but then I thought about it more and realized it is not in fact when I realized it was always doing stuff better, I gained even more respect from it. The whole album is amazing. whyhaven'tyoulistenedtothisalready-core.
    Radiohead - OK Computer
    This album is spectacular, not much to say. But it is pretty amazing.
    Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is an Animal
    Alright, I've been waiting awhile to see if this was just a phase. No, this is an amazing album. I was seriously listening to it for four days straight when I first got it, which gave it the initial number of plays. I kept holding off just in case it really wasn't that good. But no, I am currently listening to it right now, and I still like it just as much as I did the first time listening to it.