• emergency surgery

    3 jun 2010, 15:15

    my wife is due to have emergency surgery to repair a detached retina. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. thank you.
  • who are the apples????

    26 apr 2010, 03:29

    there is a thread in the classic rock group about bands that you have never heard of in someone's charts. and the same band appeasr whenever i play and it's someone elses turn. it's the apples in stereo. cool powerpop/garage type of band. i seriously suggest that if you have not heard them go check them out. in fact,i first heard of them here at lastfm!!!! :)
  • the Beatles on lastfm

    21 apr 2010, 17:56

    i know this is pointless,never the less, why can we not hear any of the Beatles songs here? i know the answer boils down to money. which stinks. even though i have pretty much all of their music on cd it would be nice to hear on on lastfm.
  • does anyone still read these things?

    12 okt 2009, 03:52

    well........how about it?
  • the death of classic rock in d.c.

    4 apr 2009, 17:57

    as of monday morning 94.7 will change it's format to a more teen-pop oriented one.this will mean jordan sparks,jason mraz and leona lewis.this is the radio station i listen to little steven's underground garage on.i can always listen to this show on-line. but radio has been a major part of my life and it's kind of shocking to see this.there are 2 more rock radio stations here.one is oldies and the other is hard rock/metal.i hope LSUG ends up on one of those since washington d.c is a major market.this last week the music has been incredible. the d.j.'s clearly played whatever they wanted plus requests.my sympathies to all the staff at 94.7 RIP
  • ife sucks and then you die part 1

    4 jul 2008, 02:46

    on wednesday my maternal grandfather( who raised me and my sister) died from cancer.he went to the hospital sunday and when i saw him i suspected he wouldn't last long. and today( thursday) morning my wife was involved in a car accident that totalled the car we just bought last september. fortunately,no one was hurt. but my wife is at fault.just another wonderful day i the neighborhood.smell the sarcasm?
  • no sex,please, we're in maine............

    24 jun 2008, 19:36

    have returned from vacation. it was nice. had a good time but it sure feels good to be back.got to see some of my wife's friends and family. except for her father all are well. her father is suffering from dementia and alzheimer's and while he knew us his conversations would venture into weird places at times.talking about people who are dead or not around acting like he saw them just the other day!!!his wfie(my step mother in law?) is not well either.but my mother in law had a nice reunion with her brother(half brother) whom she had been out of touch with for 30 years. all in all a nice trip.glad to be back though.
  • goin up the country.......

    10 jun 2008, 02:14

    on friday the 13th we will be leaving for a week and a half's vacation. going to freeport maine to see some of my wife's family.my mother-in-law will be reconnecting with her half brother whom she has not seen in 30 years. we need this. see ya.
  • this could be the last time........

    25 apr 2008, 16:20

    i used to enjoy listening to lastfm and going to the sit at work. apparently,that will come to and end.i can listen to music(so far)but they are not alowing me access to ceertain websites.so m time here may be limited. if you do not see me as often that is why.it sucks but i can understand their reasoning.hopefully, i'll be around somewhat bu not in the capacity i was. take care to all.
  • the idol maker

    20 apr 2008, 20:49

    i had heard on the radio that little steven van zandt recommended the movie " the idolmaker" which came out back in 1980. it is terrific!!!!the music is written by the legendary jeff barry who wrote alot of old early 60's hits like da doo ron ron.that was worth it.but the acting is incredible alla roun ray sharkey and peter gallagher star.very excellent story and it can relate to today's scene in some regard.very real and hard hitting tale.if you are not familiar with it then do yourself a favor and see it.and buy the soundtrack!!!! it rocks.well, in an ealy 60's way.