• Its amusing..

    7 okt 2010, 20:08 my simple mind the things you can do with web development tools and your track # count. Nothing permanent, just edit the HTML on the page to say retarded things for your track count like "Epic fail" and such. Yes, I'm easily amused.
  • You need to check out this band...

    5 jan 2007, 01:11 They are pretty damn good :) Obscure, yes, however, still amazing :D You can actually download their latest CD on their site!

    Wee :D
  • Insanity, but fun

    12 sep 2006, 21:18

    Ok, So I have both my iTunes player jammin, and the player randomly choosing songs over top of that. Who knew that "Misirlou" (Dick Dale and His Del-Tones) could mesh so well with "Woman to Woman" (Urge Overkill).

    Hurrah for harmony ;)
  • Where to find the CD??

    7 sep 2006, 17:18

    Ok, so recommended a Swedish artist by the name of "Kin" and I've totally fallen in love with the 3 or 4 tracks I've heard off her "The Zombic Hunch" album. Looking on amazon, I cannot find it. I can DL the songs from iTunes, but well, I hate doing that. It's more like you're renting from them for a long time. Plus I really like the art in CDs and all the other stuff.

    Anybody know where I can find this CD?